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Herbert Grönemeyer - Your love's like glue

love's not what i'd call it
whatever we're coming to:
we're going round in circles
it's pointless now, to tell the truth
you're always (so) understanding
of everyone you think the best
since you say i'm nearly perfect
even my rage is meaningless

now your friendliness drives me crazy
my nerves are on edge with you
sapping the strength from my spirit- you're just too good, too good to be true

at first i was captivated
by your warmth and kindliness
now i know you're just a coward
you won't face an argument
always slipping through my fingers
never even take a side
agree with all my opinions
even when you know they're lies

like some flabby punchbag
you absorb my every blow
i kick you, beat you, bite you: you just shrug it off with one more "i know"

your love's like glue, you're driving me insane
cotton-wool sweet talk, treacle clogging up my brain
some kind of torture, how very sweet you are
sugar in my fuel tank so i can't go too far
you're just too pure for me to endure

my jaws are clamped together
i'll grind my teeth to points for sure
i know you want the best of me
but i'm not giving any more
you dog my heels and track me
you're always on my tail
like chinese water torture
good nature must prevail

no point in trying any harder
i've seen right through your 'love'...
it only gives me goose-bumps
to feel the touch of your soft kid gloves

your love's like glue...

no point now in coming from your corner
talking's useless as my mouth goes slack
and you've coated me in honeyed
words of flattery
but this time i really mean it
i'm at my wits' end with your act...

your love's like glue...

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