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Hi-C - Coochie Coochie

feat. Diamonique

Uhh, yeah (coochie coochie, ahhhhh)
Yeah, hahaha (coochie coochie, ahhhhh)
This what I've been waitin on
Uhh, yeah (coochie coochie, ahhhhh)
Drive a grown many crazy (coochie coochie, ahhhhh)
Yeah, uhh

[Verse One]
Aw shit, come and show Crawf what you workin with
Booty bouncin with some big fat titties
Held up, I gots to hit this
Baby girl thicker than grandma grits
Jump in the lake and swim for that fish
Most of 'em mesmerized by my wrist
When I step in the club, blingin like this
While the bass pumpin the tweeters hits
Hit to the ear tryin to work my twist
Hey homey, watch this!
Hey hey, boo what's up wit'cho friend?
(I don't know, nigga what's up with some ends?)
What? Wait a minute, hold up
Told you before, I pays for no butt
I don't give a fuck if the pussy had platinum and gold in it
Don't pay to stick my pole in it
I'm cool with that
Don't want shit to do with that
I'ma throw you on the couch and make you scream ouch
when I hump and I pump yo' puddy cat
Told you before, y'all hoes gon' mind
Hi-C, Quik, we back on the grind
Stompin through the hood like Frankenstein
Look at this bitch with her nasty grind

[Chorus x2]
We ain't playin no mo', I want some (coochie coochie, ahhhhh)
What'chu thinkin we can in here for, I need some (coochie coochie, ahhhhh)

[Verse Two]
Most girls just wanna be loved
By a ballin-ass nigga on dubs
To wine her and dine her and - give 'em hugs
To get they ass up out that club
When you slide up and down that pole
You got a brother like me on swoll
Upside down, fast and slow
You got my homies screamin ho
Let that monkey out of that cage
Got 'em all throwin dollars on the stage
Shake that ass and she get paid
How you think she bought that Escalade?
Ask the bitch you gotta man, she said no
Make my own dough, what I need one fo'?
All I wanna do is see dollars on the flo'
I'ma do it like a +Destiny+ ho, "Independent"
While I pull, press and bend it
I bounce, pushin 'em in it
She wobbled, twerkin spinnin
Aww shit, wait a minute
Look what you done to me
Girl you're a lil' too young for me
Boo don't mess around and let Crawf get one off
That's it, I'm goin to sleep, see ya
Wouldn't wanna be ya, baby
Bend them blocks and, pay me
You know how many times, your boy done heard
What'chu doin, that's my lady? Huh?
That's what she tellin you, man ain't what she said to me
Boy your girl so cold she givin out blows had me holla like Steve Harvey
HEY! HO! AH! Had to hit it with the whole damn thang
I'm a one man gang when I'm runnin train it's like bang, bang, bang
Did it so hard the apartment shook
Neighbors came by, I was scared to look
All is I know is them drawers got took
Quik, hit 'em with the hook - ah!


What'chu thinkin baby? Uh-uh, okay, what?
Yeah nigga I know, what you want
Cause yeah nigga I've got, what you need
So proceed young boy, bring your toys
I'ma make you scream so come bring the noise
And if you don't do that, show me the cash
And if you don't do that I'ma give you the ass
The hottest oochie coochie
Even bitches wanna do me, do me
I ain't lyin I'm qualified and pure
A freaky nasty lil' momma what'chu came in lookin fo'
And if that's what it is, show me the Benz
And if that's what it is bring ya fine girlfriend
I'ma break her off too while she throat to the dude
Then we turn it around, we gon' both do you
Hoochie coochie, that's what you lookin fo'
We could do it anywhere, even on the kitchen flo'
I don't care I don't care you could even at your home
I say - you want it I do too baby!


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