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Hi-C - Hit Me Where It Hurts

Now I'd rather be kicked in the nuts, 20 times
than to go to war fightin for hoes that ain't mine
Moms used to always tell me love is blind
And don't listen to them pussytail hoes, they be lyin
Well momma you was right, damn I shoulda listened
But I was horny, I couldn't WAIT to go fishin
YOUNG GUN FULL OF CUM, sprung and straight trippin
Bareback and raw dick style, straight slippin
She hit me on the phone like boo, I love you
But one day I came home like damn, who's shoe?
I wear a 9 and a 1/2, this a 13
The neighbors downstairs used to hear her scream
She did the dirty do-low, ho you ain't right
Got niggaz comin through layin MONSTER pipe
When I went to get the coochie it was, fartin and burpin
I said, "Ho you been cheatin on me, my heart hurtin"

[Chorus x2]
She hit me where it hurt, I was out there doin the work
I shoulda known she was doin the dirt, with the milkstains on her skirt

Itchy-kitchy ya-ya, you a liah
Drop me off at the clinic, we both on FIYAH
Yeah I said WE and it's all because of YOU
I've been keepin it real, but now I wanna KILL
We had to get a jump to make her car start
And she got my dick burnin like Charzard
I slid up in the place tryin to hide my face
I had "Go See the Doctor" to get shit straight
The girls behind the desk said "have a seat sir"
Now she mad cause them bitches lookin better than her
Just SHUT UP, lyin bitch, don't say nuttin
I'm scared now, I don't know WHO you been fuckin
My first love, first rub, first hug
My first slut, first butt, first nut
But this the last dame, Ms. Thang, you stuck up
This the last dance, last chance, you fucked up! (What?)


You better call before you come homey, don't pop up
There's somebody in there now, tearin the cock up
He fresh out the pen, swoll and rocked up
You ran up on the nigga and got, socked up
You whipped out the heat and now he shot up
But police hit the street, and now you locked up
And while you in jail, she burnin the block up
You got a stepson cause now she knocked up
Eeney meanie mynie moe, cause she's a hoe
And if the kid ain't really yours, let her go
She wanna catch a baller baller, by the toe
To suck his dick to his balls, and get his dough
My heart made of stone, thanks to you baby
So now I just bone and make the hoes pay me
You got the audacity, to say you love me
When the homies caught you at the Laker game with Dub C?!

[Chorus x2]

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