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Hi-C - Punk Shit текст песни

Ready to slang 'em
Girls, I'm ready to bang 'em
So you know how we do it
I'm 'bout to step to it like this, you know

[VERSE 1: Hi-C]
Boom, nigga, I'ma drop the rock
For the punk-ass niggaz that's on my jock
One day I was caught in the mix
In a gang, it was four, five or six
Old bitch-ass niggaz get to go head up
Cause when I run I tear they ass up
I got slung to the ground, took one to the eye
But a Compton-ass nigga won't cry
So I dusted off my clothes and I ran to the Cutlass
Thought for a minute, said fuck this
On the way back to Compton went to get the gat
But they knew that day I'd be comin back
But I didn't go back on the same day
Cause a nigga ain't stupid, okay?
But a month down the line they ass'll be mine
They be chewin on a muthafuckin AK

[VERSE 2: Hi-C]
Once again Hi-C jumps on the scene
Killin all creeps if you know what I mean
Fool, so come on, bring your nine
But it ain't gon' help this time, punk
Cause you'll get smoked with a deuce-five
Take two to the eye, you won't stay alive
You keep poppin that gangsta mess
But you'll suck a gang of jock tryina fuck with the Skanless
I used to hit up my set on the walls
Niggaz run up, get kicked in the balls
My weight may be light but I swing 'em like Mighty Mike
If you think you can hang - syke
Cause my homies ain't no goddamn joke
Niggaz from the other side always get smoked
My hood you can't stop, so get off the jock
As I drop the muthafuckin rock

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