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Hi-C - Yo Dick

Yo dick can get you a gang of fine hoes
Then again, fuck around and get you bust in the nose
Some niggaz that I know get sprung on the coochie
Spend their last dollar, goin broke on a hoochie
If you see tight titties and a big fat butt
Your dick'll be sleep but his ass'll wake up
He'll fuck with your mind till you go and get her
Even if she got her big boyfriend with her
You'll step to the girl, thinkin you can clown
Touch her on the ass and her nigga beats you down
It's a dick thang, girls, don't get offended
Cause y'all the muthafuckas that be puttin us in the clinic
So homies, let's chill and don't play ourself cheap
Cause if we catch AIDS, we'll be six feet deep
Before you chase a hoochie and try to turn the trick
Remember your worst enemy can be yo dick

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