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Hi-Five - I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)

All summer long
We've been together
And I never felt so good
Cuz when I'm with you
You such a good time (yes it is)
And when you get next to me
You make my heart beat fast
You through me back when you smile
And when we're alone
I know we're in love
Cuz I can't get enough of that

[Chorus 1:]
I like the way
You kiss me when we're playin the kissing game
I like the way
You keep me looking forward to another day

We've got it good
We have it all it seems
We're livin dreams yeah
This is our time
Cuz what is meant to be
Just you and me
This is still new
We stay young and hard, break in two
But I know our love
Would always be there

[Chorus 1]

I like it
Keep me looking forward to another day 'nother day
I like the way I like it
Ohhhhh I like it.

[Chorus 2:]
I like the way (the way you make me feel babe)
I like the way (I like way the way you love me)
I like the way (you kiss when we're playin the kissing)
I like the way (you keep me looking forward to another 'nother day)

[Chorus 1: until fade]

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