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Hi-Rez - Smiling

If I found a way
To be happy everyday
If you could just see my face
Ya'll would see I'm smiling

The clouds are never grey
If only there was a place
If you could just see my face
Then ya'll would see I'm smiling

[Verse 1:]
Yo, Yo, Yo
Getting high, gettin' high, boy it's time to break it down
Grab a mic, kill a stage, yeah second nature now
Momma said I'd make her proud, I told her I made a vow
Just to wait around and the year I put her in a house
On a shore or on a coast of a island
And every month I'd hop on a plane and fly in
And take her shoppin' whatever she wants to buy'n
She made me who I am, I got the heart of a lion
Yeah, and for that momma I'm gratified
Grindin' harder than everybody so please don't act surprised
When you see me past your eyes, quickly as I'm passing by
Grindin' for us trap or die, homey I'm a mastermind
I got a smile on everyday
We got a taste of the good life and I'm here to stay
I'm used to questions so everybody ask away
Hey it's time to get high homey so pass the jay

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Good vibes, good vibes is the only thing we giving off
Oh you say that you feeling it?
Haters didn't get the invite huh?
But I bet that they hearing this

Making noise off the richter
Kodak lifestyle, you better take a picture
Magazine centerfolds, nah I'm thinking bigger
Fuck the average joe, boy you know I'm tryna differ
And so far I think I'm doin' it
Anything is possible, and boy I think I'm provin' it
People looking up to me, I'm really kinda new to this
Yeah they looking up to me, I'm really kinda new to this
I got they hands to the ceilin'
Boy it's indescribable, I can't explain this feeling
My life so appealing, cause boy I'm living for right now
All you people wearing suits better pipe down, Rez

[Hook x2]

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