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Hi-Rez - The Thesis

Hey hey
It's a walk to remember
Yeah haha
Feeling good

So I keep my head high
Cause I know I'll see better days
People gon' always talk shit but I just let 'em hate
They used to get the best of me but that shit gonna end today
And why you tryin to be a fire man in the 2nd grade
Shit, I wanted to be an artist
Skin color was something I disregarded
Real shit that judgmental shit is retarded
Cause I'm a come the hardest of all colors regardless
Pardon, pardon pardon the interuption
This your goodnight story homie hope you tucked in
Without music I won't be able to function
It's the reason why in almost every class I'm fucking
Shit, but that ain't something that I'm bragging 'bout
Couple friends rolling weed yeah we pass around
A couple J's getting high so we laughing now
Then a couple more go around now we passing out
Uh, I just wanna die happy
I was never the type of kid who was flashy
Hardly driven I used to be in the back seat
My good friends and music is all I need if you ask me
Uh, but you can save that for the interview
I ain't content with... but for now I guess it will do
I'm sick of waiting in chickens who get impatient
I'm sick of you growing up hella fast so I've been missing you
Uh, And I'm talking about my adolescence
Nowadays half these whack rappers lack a message
On my way to the top and I won't ask directions
Cause I'm a make it or die trying and a ash I rest in
Uh, and you can put that on my family
Never had something handed to me
Mama done never pampered me
A year ago man this isn't where I planned to be
I did it on my own mother fucker I just can't believe
Where I'm at and where I plan to be going
Work hard now and later on I'll be coasting
Nah fuck it, I'll never take a damn break
For my health and my fans sake
No other options
Homie this my last chance
Me blowing up big homie that's a fat chance
Grind hard cause time is ticking away
But I guarantee I die with a big grin on my face
Ah yeah
And this a walk to remember
And you can fucking guarantee that
And you can fucking guarantee that
Hey hey yeah
Hey walk walk walk walk
And this a walk to remember
And it's a walk to remember
Let that beat ride though
It feel too good up in here
Haha, uh uh

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