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Hi-Tek - All I Need Is You

feat. Cormega, Jonell

Yo Tek whattup with them niggaz in Cincinatti? [celly rings]
Word? I gotta come out there son [ringing] hold on one second

[C] Yo
[J] Hey
[C] Whassup?
[J] Chillin
[C] Whaat?
[J] Workin?
[C] Yeah.. knahmsayin?
[J] Well when you comin home?
[C] I'ma be there later on
[J] Well look we need to talk, cause..
[C] *chk* Ahh boy
[J] {*laughs*}
[C] Yo, listen, check this out

Yo, last night I had a dream it had me open like a fiend
and all I remember is me, you, the moon and ocean breeze
My heartbeat increased like I seen approachin D's
I relapsed cause of these words you spoke to me
You said you wanna feel me - inside you - conceal me
I belong to you no other woman could steal me
We mentally attached, essential in fact
What you give is so real you know I had to give it back
How I feel don't even matter if I ain't expressin (affection)
My mind was affected you healed me (we destined)
Your beauty so addictive, I can't deny your presence
So pure I gotta add cut to spread you on
You're all I need in this world to succeed
I won't let you go cause I can see you trust me
I'll never leave or deceive you, and if it's understood
then we can be together cause you treat a nigga good

[Chorus: Jonell]
All I need is you - in my life, to be down with me..
All I need is you - to hold me, and to make me see..
All I need is you - to be there, in my time of need..
All I need is you - I'll be there, when you need me to be..

When I was runnin the street I know you wanted to leave
Especially the time, you found a nine in my jeans
But you persevered, gave work and tears
That's why I'll never desert you or hurt you yeah
I used to keep feelings concealed, now I reveal 'em
I was hustlin to get right, now we chillin
Oh my man starin at ceiling thinkin of children
and any other situation we might deal with
At first, I was hesitatin, makin a commitment
Now I see you different - so many ways
I need a queen like a king did in great Egyptian days
And it seems you've been afraid I might get into things
that might put me away for years, save your fears
Listen ma, let's get one thing clear
I'll never leave you, deceive you, and if it's understood
We can be together cause you treat a nigga good


Yo, I'm not the type to have a next chick call on your phone
Come see you at night and in the morning you alone
I keep it real with you, like my connect you got it good
I need to deal with you, have yet to leave the hood
but I'm still with you everytime you need me I'm there for you
If I didn't care for you why would I be here for you?
You 'pear loyal, got the kid spoiled
On the low I don't think I was prepared for you
You cook good, look good, Boo I adore you
And if you get me mad we won't fight I'll ignore you (yeah right)
Just playin, but yo I'm just sayin
I'm about to go, cause Hi-Tek waitin
Yo son that beat ready?

[beat changes]

And guns is rusty
I'm stingy with trust, you only get once to fuck me
The pure white endorser, skills real like a Porsche
For the cash I'm there like a stalker, uhh
You say the same shit
I play the game with skills like Latrell, and write so well
And I gotta go to heaven cause my life is hell
If I quit rap, this cook white gon' sell
You niggaz got fat while I did time in jail
Now it's time to pay, the rhymes you say
sound a lot like mine, but not quite as ill
as my rhymin skill, I could relate to how Tyson feel
My life is real, you're the fragment
of somebody else life, or shit you imagined
It's like the beat make me react savage.. [words fade out]

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