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Hi-Tek - Get Back Pt. 2

feat. DCQ, Talib Kweli

[Talib Kweli]
Clear the area, stand back, nothin to see here
Keep it movin (I need the area clear)
Get back, stand back, back
Get back (we gon' have to clear all this stuff)
Get back, back, get back

With Reflection Eternal
That's the name don't forget it, Talib Kweli, DJ, Hi-Tek
Brooklyn! New York City
Cin-ci-natti! Keep on

[Talib Kweli]
It's a funky sen-sa-tion ain't it?
I'm havin a conversation wit'cho imagination
It was explainin how you was waitin, for somethin amazin
Like when it come out you out the door racin to the store (*zoom*)
It took a lot of perse-verance and patience
We was preparin for our place among the ancients
Yo basically yo' take on me ain't makin me
or breakin me and yo I hate to see a fake MC
I take out all my competition from like A to Z
Cause I get fly more frequently than a travel agency
That's what I'm made to be, hip-hop through my artery
An important part of me the soundtrack to my oddysey
It got me, rockin retardedly
Pardon me for speakin incorrect politically
Anything less would be me speakin hypocritically, and I don't do dat
You lingerie MC's I see through that
I make a point about you and your crew, go "Tru dat"
Who dat? It's the Reflection
Remember the name, slid in the game before the "2000 Season" came
Breakin the chain, usin the pain as our ammunition
to blast Babylonian towers out of position
It's the Reflection and we poppin like your ears on a plane
We make you disappear like tears in the rain
The fears in your brain is clear when I appear on the terrain
and bloody your nose
I got more lines than co-CAINE that's why you sniffin around
We diggin for different sounds to keep it hittin
Straight up the only way we gettin down with the sound is provacative
It's for the love and cause of that we got a lot to give
It's for the love and cause of that we got a lot to give
You got a issue with that then it ain't my problem kid
Y'all niggaz gotta eat, we gotta live, yo
We all gotta eat and gotta live, yo (yo) yo (yo) yo

With Reflection Eternal
That's the name don't forget it, Talib Kweli, DJ, Hi-Ti-dek
Brooklyn! New York City
Cin-ci-natti! Keep on

[Talib Kweli]
We remain, hotter than the blue part of the flame
I got a glock in my brain
that baffle weapons inspections like Saddam Hussein
and rocks with the impact
Gettin beat with socks filled with ten-packs of tokens
Men's backs get broken when I get open
Words more than spoken
Most of dem MC's on the first thing smokin
Leavin town at the same time causin traffic on the interstate
We stay droppin classics cause the key word is innovate
These cats is so plastic that we call 'em laminated
Tried to duplicate the style quickly got frustrated
More desperate than dudes who search people's ashtrays for clips
I burn MC's like Coca-Cola through the paint on your whip
Shit! My rhymes is like a magnifyin glass
When I shine my light through it, I burn up everything in my path
Last Dragon like Lee-roy (sho' nuff) rock for the b-boy
My rhymes are so sharp you catch cuts that key-loid(?)
Destroyed the decoy, most of y'all d-boy, my culture
It's not that I hate, y'all just p-noid cause y'all fake
Embarassed and ashamed and don't know where to put the blame
And never hesitate to call out my name!
I ain't effected by the negative
It's the Reflection and we dealin with the positive
It's for the love and cause of that we got a lot to give
It's the Reflection kid
Never gotta look between the lines to get the messages
You're too sensitive, checkin out our references
The turntable and microphone specialist
It's the Reflection kid, it's the Reflection kid
It's the Reflection kid, like that like that

Talib Kweli (Talib Kweli) DJ Hi-Tek (DJ Hi-Tek)
Break it down, for you and yours (y'all know what time it is)
You fuckin with Kweli, you fuckin with Brooklyn
(Tired of hearin all this) don't wanna hear none of that
(is is my fam really nice..)

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