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Hi-Tek - The Sun God

feat. Common, Vinia Mojica

Common... Common...

Yeah, yeah

[Verse One]
Free the rhyme or risk a dig into a deep sound abyss
Unit in the stash the beats and never found the shit
Experience like Hendrix, keep my sound enriched
Cats ask about my stitch, to me they soundin bitch
In my sounds the glitch of hatred, for cats who ain't make it
I'ma give it, as far as you can take it
Tried to take the safe way, told you there's a gateway to skinny
Many can find it but few can climb it
I'm open-minded like a pothead
Doin what I gotta do to keep the spot fed
In the climate, of locked dreads, corn-rows, torn souls
Worn hoes, who been molested by they uncle
I bundle, amongst you cold mother-uckers
The world is bitter, like baby mothers
Look how far El Dorados and wine bottles drug us
Least God and the sun love us, it's the Sun God

[Verse Two]
Everywhere is broken glass
Nephews smokin squares, nieces smokin grass
Try not to say shoot around my daughter she already know to blast
Catchin the future, don't know who threw the past
It's the, year of the snake and the hidden dragon
Niggaz is fake like bitches braggin
Listen to the ocean and the stars, keep my vision in motion
In motion like cars
I'm down to Earth, at times I feel closer to Mars
The world is yours, I'm hopin it's ours
Some say the Gods is crazy, I see God in our babies
Child of the sun, I allowed it to raise me
(.. from a distance) niggaz tried to appraise me
I'm hard to read like graffiti so it don't phase me
My days be spent, behind dream's tent
Through the sun the divine being is sent
It's the Sun God

[Verse Three]
Letters from prison sayin we need a better religion
I'm a rebel that listens from a eighty-seven position
I can't crystalize the mission lies within
Born to die even in death we begin
It's heavy 'jo learnin what we already know
and carry low swing on a chariot slow
Brothers stick though remindin me of revolution
If the drama comes I'ma have to uhh pop his gun
It's the Sun God, yeah

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