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Hi-Tek - Where I'm From

feat. Jinx Da Juvy

Geah, Jinx Da Juvy (uh-huh uh-huh) Hi-Tek geah
Uhh, uhh.. cause anybody can get it
Anybody anybody can get it (project shit)
Real recognize real, uhh geah geah uhh
This as real as it gets
Uh-huh, this as real as it gets
Aiyyo, uhh, uhh (geah)
Aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo

[Chorus: x2]
Aiyyo I'm from where they bust guns, killin and shit
Thugs sellin drugs, killin the strip, dealin with bricks
From my hood to y'all hood, feel this shit
Real recognize real this as real as it gets

Aiyyo, aiyyo Jinx Da Juvenile, yeah I was one of them bastards
Bustin them ratchets, before this rap shit
I copped coke cut it and bagged it, twelve twelve
Stuffin the plastic the strip was flooded with traffic
I'm from a hood where they rep in wool
Lil' niggaz pants baggy, sketz(?) is long
In bang-outs I leave a nigga stomach where his chest belong
Now that's what you call leavin a nigga dead wrong {*bang*}
I live for gunplay
Deuce-fives is easy to carry but I love eights
Anybody can get it, fuck Jake, I spit in a judge face
Who schemin on the kid, who grillin the watch?
Like if I ain't the kid who be spittin them shots
Run in your crib, grippin the glock
Leave yo' ass in the kitchen witcha brains in the cereal box
Real recognize real whether you feel it or not


Aiyyo straight out the ville before my deal slung drugs in the basement
Now I'm in the booth spittin 'til my lungs cave in
I gotta supply the fam
So if The Source givin out five mics, I want five grams
Keep a revolver cause nines jam
ABG Anybody-Can-Get-It, I die for the fam
Die for the love of the strip, either way I'm gonna get rich
Catch the kid sunk in a 6
Jewels is heavy, flooded the wrists, my team stuff they clips
Keep it gangsta a hundred percent
Who think not? Who really wanna see how Jinx rock
like I ain't been doin this since Pampers and slingshots? (What?)
Half y'all rap niggaz talk the nonsense
I live this shit y'all soft as cotton
While y'all was in school I was in Spofford boxin
Real recognize real I keep the larcen' poppin


Geah, ABG Anybody-Can-Get-It
Black Jesus, Alaska, Loose Cannon
Pow Wow the Don, Mil-lion (What?)
This is my year, the Y-2-K kid, uhh
Def Jam, Rawkus, from my hood to your hood
Feel this shit, this as real as it get

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