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Hieroglyphics - After dark

feat. Pep Love

[Pep Love]
Hieroglyphics y'all, what?
The mic's on you! After dark

[Chorus: Pep Love]

After dark, is gripping season
After dark it might happen for the wrong reasons
After dark, and it don't cease
until the break of dawn, I shoot the breeze

[Pep Love]
In the heat of the night... what you gon' do?
After dark... yeah!

Why don't you come into, what I'm into
Slip into darkness, and listen, I rhyme monumental
Never I fault or halt or alt-er my ulterior
Assault to inferior thoughts are feeble!
In the process the party people wobble
but it don't fall down, and it won't stall now
Beware, the boy's bad after seven
When the lights go click my mic injects nitro
into my bloodstream, I get to gushing
Cold crushing lyrics so much reach out and touch things
unexplored, from hits to flops that plummet
The synopsis is we rock this shit
Day and night, but it gets intense
to extends a pleasure unmeasurable when I'm layin pipe
in domes, protected, by the microphone
When night fall I fall in my zone and it's on

[Chorus x2]

[Pep Love]
I see the moon and get hectic like the ocean
Who that in the back causing commotion?
Draped in black, killer on the attack
Around the time the hoes hit their stroll and the pros mack
I don't know how to act, so give me a smack
on the blackhand side telling me that I'm intact
It is the, charisma, that gets ya paid
but flame me this is when I got ta vic ya
It never rains in the Northwest
We profess to be the best the rest can Rest In Peace
Cause night time is the right time
for the Hieroglyphic icons to drop bombs

[Chorus x2]

That's how we rock the mic
Hieroglyphics imperial!
After Dark, the sun ain't shinin
Trail of blood
Mind power, the next level, night time

[Pep Love]
After dark, you see the joint sparkin
Dogs, barkin territory that I'm markin
cannot be, walked upon
or your worst fear will be embraked upon
I'm bringin armaggedeon to your chest, and you know the rest
is history, like Rapunzel's, golden tresses
I, couldn't care less about a nigga in a vest
I was shootin for the knees makin him dance and plead
for me to put em out they misery, my word wizardry
is a dream you had about, you was coming clean
When you woke up, your heart broke up, be dawn
Leaving you with the reality that the day goes on, until

[Chorus x2]

[various talk, fade]

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