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Hieroglyphics - Casual

feat. Casual

Welllllll alright hold tight
My rhymes are bright bold light shining on MC's who bite
Impairing the eyesight, quite a few niggaz feel it
but conceal it, I need to get a club
to stop them from stealing it

Some of them Hiero principalities
Gotta light it up like a pyro amongst dry leaves
Sucka niggaz in denial and I know why
Cause they never seen a rival who rhyme so fly
In defense of, in the sense of rockin the mic
with intents of invoking my unspoken title
Rhymes are shinin like the finest diamonds
I guess I'm liable for what they do to a rival
Hip-Hop survival, soaring like a spiral
Rotating rough rhymes with no hatin, while you
niggaz actin silly like, "So Casual hard?"
They ain't knowin that I'm sewin up the block like the National Guard
I be doin the SAMMME shit, most niggaz do
I'll blast a nigga ass quick as you
But that's not what I'm about, you can put me in a rhymin bout
Turn it out with-out no problem
MC's is like chemicals, watch me dissolve em
Petty individuals infestin hip-hop
I leave em all over the floor like cigar intestines
You better count your blessings, it amounts to less
than zero, the Hiero hero
Hieroglyphic sequence hittin with rhymes that are regal
And we know...

Hey now, c'mon huh (HIERO)
C'mon c'mon (HIERO)
What you say? (GLYPHICS)

It's on in this motherfucker, yea

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