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Hieroglyphics - G.U.O.M.D.

Yeah, downhill, the cobwebs and the spiders
You know what I'm saying
(oh please oh please) Mega Blast Mega Blast Mega blast

Someone called me a veteran, terrestrial I'm extra
In my temple, resemble, nothing that you've seen before
I see suckaz stretching, what the fuck you preaching for?
Eyes like a eagle, or a hawk when I'm peeking your
Skid bitch talk, might get him shot, outlined in chalk
Diamonds in a pint box, I'm not the executioner like Roc Raida
But cutting on the fader, suckaz bussing at their neighbour
I wish we had a saviour, but that sounds like cowardness
The power is in all of us, that's why they distorting us
I keep a heater in my sleeping quarters like my grandpa does
If I hear a tweak crack, I cock shit back, I live in paranoia, plus I smoke
Marihuana, and that makes it worse, when I get to put it in my verse.
If it sounds like I'm stressing, then you're quite perceptive
You'll never evaporate my essence
Fuck an accolade from a punk magazine
They're all fags and queens
Grab machines and start shooting up (prrrrrrrrrrrt)
Who's paper stands like bad dreams?
I rock baggy jeans, white T's and white tennis shoes
I hate doing interviews!
Let my record speak, impeccable technique, break bread
Get some head from some rich rapper's freak
That's an everyday occurrence, while you looking like a tourist
You get jacked in LA, ante up in Brownsville
The town's still looking for ya, to put 'em on ya
Bury you like an Arian in Soprani (?)
Carrying big shit, clips for Annie
Vigilante, you ain't fit to catch me

Oh please, oh please, oh please
Just get up off my dick ! [x3]

Catch a Mega blast, Mega blast, Mega blast

Oh please, oh please, oh please
Just get up off my dick [x3]

Catch a mega blast, mega blast, mega blast

Del Diablo, follow my footprints
Just like the Yeti, bet you'll get a whooping
Bad, a skeleton, frame, I'm telling you
Aim, you better have
Claimed your epitaph
Lay down, niggaz parade around
Centre stage, the crowd of what
A mile, pal, hear, you better and here
Register fear, I thought you said you wasn't scared

Yeah, rappers in their boots trembling
Loose and feminine, hanging with the wrong crowd
Here's a noose to fit em in, talking like a officer
Nigga you'se a gentlemen, you dead if you been disrespecting the crew's
Emblem, scoop diffidence until I got loot like Eminem or Timbaland
Keep looking like Snoop was living in , jealous corny rapping fools get schooled
I'm hearing them, they're minimum, hieroglyphics here they come
You catch a mega blast

[Chorus x2]

Yeah, this is how we moving baby, an original plan
Manipulate the sounds, with invisible hands ,psycho terrorism
propaganda, mind control, now come 'on throw your hands up
My rap gets on his haunches, we in the meat market
Sharking, perfecting cuts is the starches
Most determined, burning, burning
Don't nobody wanna see these thangs ,man
We bang, 'til ya CD changed, my take off be
Straight up, just like an off spree, like beans
my offspring, thought up the mic feenz, dissolving
in strike teams, collateral damage is costly
my method of madness is that of a savage machine like
automatic, if it seems like you want the static
I let em have it, and rap it in fact, you get a havoc rapping attack
Body and soul left attached, and from there there is no turning back, nigga

[Chorus: repeat to end]

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