Hieroglyphics Off the record текст песни, слова песни Off the record Hieroglyphics & Casual, Del, Tajai, A-Plus, Interludes: Extra P

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Hieroglyphics - Off the record

feat. Casual, Del, Tajai, A-Plus, Interludes: Extra P

Whooh! Yeah
It's the ones you know about
The famous, magnificent Hieroglyphics, mega
Always on the mic for MC's who really don't know what we doin
It's time to do it up
We got Cas, we got Del, we got Tajai, we got A-Plus
C'mon y'all, PLEASE can we get busy??

I put my pencil to the paper and watch lighting strike
Casual, the innovator, in a state of advancement
MC scolder, breakdancin on the lake
when it freeze over; so much game, I told her
I'm a disease holder and I still hit it
Bust a nut in her eye and made her deal with it
The straight bump, y'all, yeah you best agree
Whatever that sess do don't let you come next to me
Mentally, I'm compatible with Macintosh
And I can get a niggaz' bitch, in the sack with floss
Hop on the microphone, actin lost
Unaware, unprepared, then I bust off the top
and niggaz get scared

[interlude one]
Uhh, now I told y'all I wasn't playin
It's Hieroglyphics in here
Now that's Cas, now you know that's how it was, That's How It Is
We bout to do it with my next man, A-PLUSS

A to the, Plus must do ya, bust through ya
defenses with lyrics mentally muscular
Holdin down like cement shoes, to make you drown right
This is what we do if we the crew you SOUND LIKE
I can't stand a person bitin someone's creativity
I have so many styles that you can take one as a gift from me
It's like deja vu whenever you pop they tape in
Lyin more than Satan, fallin off like they was ice skatin
Trying to get they mic taken, you get scolded
and chastized, my holy mic, is baptized
Givin flatlines to you rap guys and still send you
back with black eyes, on the mic you tellin fat lies

[interlude two]
Now if I'm the teacher
I gotta give that a A-Plus youknowhatI'msayin?
Now let's make room for the man, the myth
The Great Great Granddaddy of Hieroglyphics, Del

[Del the Funky Homosapien]
Hold up, stop the presses, this just came in
Del's done it again, you gotta get his name in
He's, infallible in battle flows and battle royals collects
all the spoils of soiled celebrities
Shape my fantasy as the form, lyrical oddessey
It's not modesty, I show my ass for all to see
Polishin wax with facts sharp like tacks
to stop your, heart like cracks rip, apart the tracks

[interlude three]
Na-na-na-na-now you know that's self explanatory
Now we bout to get busy with my man Tajai
Break out your notebooks and your pads
Listen real closely to what this brother has to say

I kick the, ? like dialect
It's sacrilege, steppin in the sanctuary of the sacrosanct
Do not, desecrate acquiesce
before I dessicate all your flows and leave you dry as, bones
It's awful how I decimate, but also awesome
People say that they saw somethin they cherished they lives long
when I expectorate upon a song
To be honest number one's what I expect to rank
Not for just the crown jewels or scepter
Out for justice, and exposition of the rest as jesters
with they lackluster compositions
Suckers in estrus, thinkin that Heiroglyphics won't fuck you?

[interlude four]
Oh my goodness, I told ya
Once again, it's Hieroglyphics
We got the smooth lineup, Tajai, A-Plus, Del, Casual
They just to' it up, forget about it, leave it alone
It's Hieroglyphics from here on out
You don't know what you're doin
And me, I'm the Extra Prolific, Whiz Kid
Y'all can't mess with this, leave it alone
Drop ya pen, it's time that we go on
Let us alone y'all, can't fade this
You know how we do it..

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