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Hieroglyphics - What The Funk

Ay turn me down a little bit
Everything, turn everything down a little bit

Full Circle with the protractor, you ain't no factor
We rollerblade on beats and I can go backwards
Like it's the 70's, high feeling heavenly
Chopping up Beverlys, thinkin how good the head'll be
But I ain't partyin with girls who need a guardian
I see 'em in the audience and pass 'em up
Fashioned up, flashin Miami
A big iceberg that sank the Titanic
A nigga quick to put his dick in your broad
But I wouldn't spend five on a chicken kabob
We get poultry, smooth and sultry
Women approach me low key, and give me they proceeds

We kick poetry, you can quote me
Multi-talented, makin music mostly
Corralling them dollars as you holla audibly
Then make quantum leaps through the finer leaf
In the pursuit of scholarly refinement
I spend my life unwindin globes
Spend it in a pair of well-worn denims
Stretchin skins like a tenor it's the smooth matter
The playful banter, or perhaps the 'gnac
In that half-full decanter, had her off of the scanner
Screamin let me at her! Man the game long
Long, long as a freak would roam
That's how we keep it, long as my peoples know
We gonna have cash in hand, triple threat hashish
Weed and keef to blow, nigga it's no secret

Every time I come around here
Ultra smoke be in my eyes
Y'all don't like me? I don't care
But what the fuck, you think that got to do with me?

Say what? You balling like a Mariner
And wearin a three-piece suit, you still a two-shot Derringer
And I'm a paratrooper with a parachute
Airborne ranger tearing through the woods with a fully
I never spare manoeuvres the chances should be
Slim as a hairline fracture
America got ya, it might gat ya
Breed natural born killers like a factory, I'm absolutely
Never fallin victim to the brainwash chainsaw
I let my lyrics lick through 'em like a chainsaw
My aim is living true but it's the same song
Brains on the sidewalk, jive talk three eyes watch

Whether you living dingy or you got nice things
I ain't foolin with you suckers, it's just not my scene
Some of you can't imagine the pot I've seen
Fuckin with me I hope you've got Visine, put on your highbeams
A-Plus, Hieroglyphics, it's them again
Never ever spend the Benjamins on a pelican
Like my women elegant, preferably melanin
Might telephone with chicken but before I'm gettin hell up in
I tell you man the way I'm livin is hectic
I mean to buy a mansion, catch me flippin her necklace
The game of flagrant fouls and you ain't gettin ejected
I'm like be on some next shit and shit on my ex-bitch

[Chorus x2]

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