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Hilltop Hoods - An Audience With The Devil

[Intro: Spoken]

"When people hear about some pyscho killer, it can lead them to thinking about the nature of people, which leads to
thoughts about right and wrong, bad or good"

"All that thinking can get ugly"

"Yea, you don't want em considering crap that, you just want em to go through a routine, while living their lives"

"what do you do to gut their souls?"

[Verse 1]

I was granted an audience in the devils base
I sat by his throne and we talked for days
he told me bout his ancient battles
with arch angels
He told me loneliness was a torture most painful

He said if I filled my lifetime with sin
I could earn myself a seat that was right by him
If I didn't, that was fine by him
Cos everyday a million souls just fly right in,

He could barely keep up
with the souls of the people
its not easy be soul controller
of all evil

He said so many people
wanna burn with me,
I swear free wills a bitch
and so's eternity

So watcha learn from me
My saviour from suffering
Ya don’t, wanna see, the bowels,
of the earth, rupturing

Take a breath suck it in
I’ve got more to tell
and times of the consequence
when you're in hell


"Whad do ya do to gut their souls "

"I don't do squat anymore they do it all for ya"

"I'm not sure i'm following”

"Mankind has progressed to a point in its doomgood history, where life has been drained of all its enchantment"

Suffa " I had a lot of questions , i asked the devil to explain-"

[Verse 2]

Why I always think that,
people have it in for me
And why I always feel like
the sky is closing in on me

(This is what he said)

The skies not falling
its just angels committing suicide
Cos their so saddened by humans-
using genocide

As a political tool
considering all
ya humans are the way you are
belittles you all

Now heavens so full that we started expanding
Damn nation is a business
and the markets demanding

I asked him if a city street
buckled it cracked and hell
rose to earth then would heaven collapse?

He's gone
I knew that smile was his response
I thought to myself
he's almost got what he wants

He said I’ll tell ya
my one desire
that's for earth itself,
to become, my empire.

Every politicians like a
gun for hire
Even the church of nativity's
come under fire

So you can tell I’m getting
close to my goal
Of creating a world where i can
torture every soul and

[Chorus: sort of]

Sitting with the devil
this is what i learnt
Apart from the ways a
human soul can be burnt

Its that,
though we learn from our mistakes
we're condemned- to make the same mistakes
again and again

(And time keeps
Time keeps slipping away
Like I keep
I keep slipping away)

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