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Hilltop Hoods - Circuit Breaker

[Verse 1: SUFFA]
chea uh
I gotta jump back and kiss my self
the hoods have come back to rip this girl
live on the drum track man you diss yourself
so drunk that you nearly pissed your self
and if you come whack uh you rish your health
im the one that made LL ring the bell
sharp as a thumtack its the infidel in the back with some girl names isabelle
And ima' your gonna what
im gonna wreck this with the freshed
thermoelectrics technics and a set list
so check this hilltops lock jaws like tetnus
fuck breakfast at tiffanies I want tiffany for breakfast
what up what up the funk leader told your last LP
with a style that makes you smile like a chelsea smile
what the fucks that man?
ita when u place razorblades on the cheek and a keg to the face uh
in the place and we raising the roof like Al Qaeda placed a case in the booth uh
taste of the truth and some flawless shit coz john howard knows the taste of georges dick
man im born to spit these kids wish they stuck me
I warned you kids your bitchmade like puppies
switchblade to nazies cut em thru their khakis
I loose it everytime I put it down like carkeys
"What a clever line..I lose it everytime I put it down like carkeys"really good line"
holy shit I am the greatest what a goodline""
i am the greatest and u hate it i am the greatest and u hate it
"honestly man thats rediculous,seriously your out of control I am the greatest and you hate it, whatever"

[Verse 2: PRESSURE]
It only take..one..man to bust
but it takes these two to raise them standards up
takes three..debris man that cuts
this is for
those that will stand with us
from sun down into the dawn didn't I warn?
the lyrical storm hits you in a physical form
this isn't your norm didn't reform
isn't ur average wishing to score listeners for pitiful crap its
off richter sicker then cough fits you
listen to pop hits this isn't your soft shit your
all in the mix so start warning the kids
they're adopted and not but they were born with a gift
im so fatal like reverends wont stay till confession
you'll cant hold your own like post natal depression
gotta mouth of profanity spouse and a family
at my house man no wonder im doubting my sanity
im an honest drunk what a mentally
avoiding the truth staying sober
im an addict of reality
I live for tomorrow so cheating death today
means all costs avoid repeating yesterday
im a loose cannon and enough juice to sooth famine
break your back with this rap and ask you who slamming
some rapper claiming a throne unaware they
aint kings only royalty they know is airplay

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