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Hilltop Hoods - Left Foot, Right Foot

[Verse 1: Suffa]
When I lay down to sleep I turn to a deep thinker
Dont wanna be a whinge like a lonely binge drinker
Its just that, well they dont call me suffa for nothing
I'm a depressed, harrowing, repressed suffering maniac
Screamin at anybody, anyplace
Man I love people I just hate the human race
And I hate all my friends cos all my friends are takin drugs
They think its spiritual like a hippy makin love
But the powders power only lasts for an hour
So they take a powder shower til' they burn down like Mickey Mouse
Sour times come quicker than a drum inside a finger
What I drum before that
What I drum for my da tinka
Everyday for her's the saaaaaaame
Leg up, chin up
Left foot, right foot
Lay down - shut up
And relations get fucked just like everyone else
Man damn, screw all ya problems im gonna focus on myself

[Chorus: x4]
Left foot, right foot
"Keep it moving"

[Verse 2: Pressure]
I spent the last twenty two years of my life earning my way
Around the world, this space around me watchin night turn to day
I earnt to play in certain ways but it wasnt that they told me
Place between black and white and opposites attract
Possibly that the word of one man is filled by another
Yo suffa we breathe the breath of others your sancturies my cover
This feelin in my upper is possibly life
That matches negative thought so I move positive mics
Probabilities stikes random targets live in famine
And the heart is too much for one man to stand regardless
The powder and pills aint no way to heal my friend
Being on one shoulder the other rises like my skill ascend
See life has many ups, many downs and many miles
Many broken promises, hollow words and empty smiles
Consequently many miles when the break from the here then hate
Drowning in this everyday give or take

[Chorus x8]

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