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Hilltop Hoods - Obese Lowlifes

feat. Mystro & Braintax

[Verse 1: MYSTRO]
Well im the one to bring the funk althought my armpits no stinking
and im known to hold flows like the glass you drop drinking
never crude man I started off limping
Plus I rock a fella like I know the art of parking lot pimping yeah..
you people know mys whos flows crazy and its so gravy it should come with a bowl of rice
the MBS with the hilltop hoods
making bboys and girls break quicker then real soft wood lets go

[Verse 2: PRESSURE]
Uh I never hit on girl atleast with no hand
girls are like serving time and time waits on no man
I got nuff on the women so I spent love on the rhythm
to get ya out ya seat quicker then corrupt polititons
and im the brink,brink man it makes me stop and think
I dont drink till I drop coz I think I might drop my drink
think your more then us we beleive in war
trust me you nothing I aint seen before

[Verse 3: BRAINTAX]
With one pen to high to over extend
in dreamland where freedom started again
with foresight thrive on the magic of light
5 fingers plus a mic makes sick shit braintax
fuck tony blair like I hate george bush
and on the 7day week u ready for the push?
the 8 million stories that you cant write down
start again from the top cmon' people bounce

[Verse 4: SUFFA]
Man all these polis in power are cowards so I guess its only fair
that I hate john howard like I hate tony blair
and I croon like tony bennet in a rental tux
experimental cuffs with the brando flux and mys diggy
no ones as fly as the these kings man
I leave you beside yourself like siemese twins
we so deep so nice so full of promise
obese lowlifes what women would want us
we like some hooded up bombers out storming the yard
we going large like a junkie out pawning his car
this is the core of the art and its all from the heart
this music put your life together when its falling appart

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