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Hilltop Hoods - Recapturing The Vibe

[Verse 1: PRESSURE]
its the next chapter wheres all my heads at? you
slept at the fact that we crept back
set the factors straight the only dead rappers
are penned at the papers and no cred actors
those haters no you dont fade us
you dont know shit so your on a need to know basis
for those crasious folk with no status
I made this flow for your no your own name is
not apart of the bigger picture listen its the
middle finger that you put up in a fixture
lifes a bitch and then its ya
if I could pimp women like I do words id be living little richer
hiphop is a circus act this is absurd but facts
one critic or cynic for every that learn to rap
one lyric a gimmick for every with purpose that
furthered rap culture around the earth and back
but some diss when im up in your face
your a man of your word you got nothing to say
I got respect for the scene and love for the place
where I bled for my dreams and struggled for change
we still striving on we still alive and strong
right or wrong I still kill for where I belong
scyfe along the real deal when I write a song
question you still feel the vibe im on?

[Verse 2: SUFFA]
"Oi, Suf you in there?"
I have the whole crowd like oh shit thats right I said it
like da,dada,da roll like the credits
two of the best to ever edit poetics
be the three headed beast from obese come to set it
Woah hilltop in your place sir just come down
spit fire on stage and burn your bar down
hear it bumpin in clubs turn your car round
hear it bumpin in pubs you buy the bar a round
pump it up in ya car turn ur car into a club
smash through a pub and burn the bar down
just burn the bar down like a disco inferno
emcees are the only thing we burn though
im the arsernist like rakim is
ask your kids who the number one artist is
OBESE got the mad fuck roster while
your crew couldn't even house a foster child
your flamboyant like osca wilde I got to smile
when you panic on stage like you lose a child
"Wheres benny?!" benny's cross the road watching hilltops
coz we got the flow the hills have still got uh
the skills the beats to get nice on
dont need drugs I get a bus when the mics on
so hit the floods suffa like it when the lights on
hilltop is what's left when the vibes gone

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