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Hilltop Hoods - Roll On Up

Roll on up
As we proceed, to give you what you need
Roll on up
As we proceed, we hit the freeway and roll
(on up)

[Verse 1: Suffa]
Shows and flows til the rhyme was felt
Coast to coast and cut through the Bible belt
A tribal yell til the vibe was felt
Surviving hell and back man, on every track, man saliva spelt
Hilltop, we hustled independently
It's Obese, the muscle in the emblem
We paved roads with our soul and suffering
For the stage coach carrying hip hop to roll on up in
And there's something that's making them nervous
The undergrounds taking these verses and breaking the surface
With a brand new cockiness, a brand new confidence
Treat em like they owe me man; pay me my compliments
No obstacles the fans and the fam make it possible
And Obese got a roster full of rocket fuel
So keep an eye out for those out ripping it up
Putting it down, cause the fans are now picking it up

[Chorus: Suffa with Pressure]
Roll on up, hip hop's no longer living
In rock's shadow, the kids are now spitting not singing
Roll on up, and come and see emcees free
Their sounds, to the sound of an MPC it goes
Roll on up, hip hop's no longer living
In rock's shadow, the kids are now spitting not singing
Roll on up, and see the DJs getting the love
From every head that step in the club, we hit the freeway and roll

[Verse 2: Pressure]
With this everyday hustle
Ain't nothing over night man, it takes struggle to make muscle
And half of these kids are under the poverty line
The other half confuse skills with gonna be signed
But this world doesn't owe you a debt
So don't you expect a hand out or me to show you respect
I got no regrets, why? Cause really it's proof
That makes a good lie better than the hideous truth
I don't preach or scream ain't trying to teach the scene
The only guidelines are those you need to read between
Cause the eighties is gone, it's a crazy biz
Nowadays hip hop's whatever the fuck I say it is
The reason I'm down, and kept my feet on the ground
So I could breathe life back into the street with my sound
So from the rappers to the vinyl stores, risking their spinal cord
To define a cause we about to reach our final straw


[Verse 3: Suffa & Pressure]
We roll on ripping it
Cause some of these execs are just soulless lepers
They'll buy your lunch cause they stole your breakfast
Now who I'm going to let control these records (what?)
And who's going to hold these weapons
Roll independent (roll up)
We owe nothing to no-one
Got love for Elefant Traks, and love for the Shogun
Got love for hydrofunk and the homespun
'Cause we a dying breed and this loathsome
Industries about the mint, not the plant that dresses lunches
Nah man it's the plant that presses hundreds
We run with each and every rhymer since
'Cause I never been so large that I couldn't read the finer print


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