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Hilltop Hoods - Simmy And The Gravyspitter

You won't get far little punk cos I bust pure rhymes
I tear up bars like a drunk on a bus tour I'm
The hideous, insidious, super fly Suffa
Ignorance is bliss and you're a happy motherfucker
Sucker rock a set, I'm like Bobba Fett with intellect
I'm everywhere you go like porno on the Internet
So you don't wanna step, trust me, you been warned
You don't wanna play leapfrog with a unicorn
Leave you torn, you couldn't battle me with that lame rhyme
You couldn't come hard with two women at the same time
You walk in the club dipped in jewels and versace
Only gay guys wear that much gold, ask Liberace
MCs act arrogant, I wonder why
If your skills matched your ego you'd be eating humble pie
Your rhymes are more average than your girlfriend's looks
And with a face like that, I hope that girl can cook, it's like that

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