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Hilltop Hoods - The Light You Burned

feat. Trials

[Sample: x2]
"I thought we had
Such a good thing going, yeah
Now the light you burned
Is dying out so slowly"

For starters, ain't heartless, I don't hate them
But I was starving and parted our relations
I never live in the past like the forsaken
I was I'll, you were never the master of your patience
We were martyrs for this mayhem
Now you're passing your ass out to artists for replacements
I know it's harder to father than to make friends
But you see I'm proud regardless where my day ends
It was a task to ask you just to pay rent
And you laughed cause my heart was in the basement
Never targeted the market just to make ends
Wasn't all scars, there were parts of it that made sense
Walking away were the hardest conversations
Hope you learned if you're smart you shouldn't date friends
And I still don't understand you
So I gotta say fuck you, thank you, huh, c'mon

[Chorus: Sample (Suffa)]
"I thought we had
(Man, I thought that we had!)
Such a good thing going, yeah
(But we don't, but we don't, but we don't)
Now the light you burned
(Now the light that you burned)
Is dying out so slowly"
(And we go, and we go, and we go)

Must be hard trying to keep the facade
Here we are, you nothing, me needing a laugh
We from driving to not even a seat in the car
Still lying now to kissing every cheek of my ass
From family tree to just another leaf in the park
Hope these bright ideas help you see in the dark
It's like first you say nothing, second you blame others
Third, burn the bridge like the first Rage cover
See they don't know and they never will what we've been through
It's not you, it's me, nope it's you
I've got a lot of love for things you did
If it only added up to them things you missed
Guess that's it, heard that you were running with him
Saw you settled down now and had a couple of kids
Shit, the world keeps spinning like a bottle top
See the light you burned started something that I ain't gonna stop


What a soulful old anthem
You used to burn brighter, now you couldn't hold a lighter to a lantern
Went from fighter to a phantom
Invited inside of my life but you a bantam-
Weight, with some heavyweight issues
Had to separate with you, get you heavy-grade tissues
For all your mood swings, so not amusing
You could blow the rock out a mood ring
You can blow the rocks and the tubing
Man, you can go super hoe the block for a shoestring
Budget, for all I care and this is what I got
For all my caring? So fuck it!
Nah, I ain't sleeping on the couch, you can sleep on the carpet
I'm a take the bed and sleep like a starfish
Hog all the blankets and sleep off the Lagers
And wake up in the morning like we feeling marvellous


[Scratches by DJ Debris]


[Sample: repeated to end]
"Now the light you burned, going, yeah"

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