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Hilltop Hoods - Walk On

[Verse One: Suffa]
I speak from the heart, but only when I drink
And I only ever sleep when I'm too tired to think
Restlessness, the reaction that you will find
From stress I guess and having a compassionate mind
I worry bout the machine of progress, ain't no stopping it
The forest we destroy and the world we build on top of it
Mercenaries get paid salaries to slaughter
Girls obsessed with body image find calories in water
Nurses comfort seven-year-old casualties of mortar
A peasant's daughter caught up in a war for a border
And at home we treat our refugees like criminals
Detention centres just a catch phrase for a minimal
Security prison, we drive gold trimmed cars
Down the road an Afghani kid grows up behind bars
And we wonder why they hate the west
When we treat them like they're second-class citizens at best
We're all pawns in a game, the USAs miniatures
Aussie foreign policy with George Bush's signature
Peeps die for a watch and blue chip stock
Did they do Big Pop or was it two bit cops
I wanna sue kid rock for making rednecks think they're hip hop
Wanna swallow people's pain and spit it from the hilltop
Wanna affect change in the subjects that we talk on
Connect strangers, work together and walk on

[Verse Two: Pressure]
Polluting airways, mankind strays with no reforming
So slap on that sunscreen and enjoy the global warming
Cos ignoring world issues is what we all do best
Just like Aussie politicians shoe shining for the U.S
To save losing face, no thoughts to the fumes that trace
Our sky lines and clogs our seas we swimming in consumer waste
The fumes of hate rise globally but will it cease
The day we try and find a little peace within the Middle East
We shadow their borders yelling deplete their arms
Its just war for black gold so they can grease their palms
We all need a scapegoat, a villain to cop blame
We're just wolves in sheep's clothing killing in gods name
And that's world wide, like global over population
We mine the world dry of natural resources to feed our nations
Appetite for waste, I see it everywhere
I feel like throwing a flag of protest in Tienanmen Square
We need to care for mother earth and all of her natural defences
But talk is cheap, and taking action is expensive
We wear our hearts on our sleeves, our flags on our borders
And that's why nuclear testings done in pacific foreign waters
We follow reporters with the worth of a scholar
And gather personal opinions from a rag worth a dollar
Man this is not a subject I feel lightly I can talk on
The attitude is one man of many, so walk on

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