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Him - Ode to Solitude

Easy on the eyes
I'm easy on the heart

Sew my wrists shut
Sew my wrists shut
With hope straining to the lights shining bright
I dare you to dream this
And I dare you to dream this gone
What I wanna know
is which makes you smile less

Here's to the pain
The light of the oncoming train
Come on, ode to solitude in chains
Here's to the pain
As always heaven in flames
Now, ode to solitude in chains

Wrap the scars of the heart
Bruised and torn

Loosen the noose love
Loosen the noose with love
All I wanna know is
Why you keep me hanging

If I should fail to stay
Remember not to forget this feeling you have
(do you fail)
I fail (to stay)
Please pretend
I never happened, baby

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