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Hitman Sammy Sam - Knuckle Up

Come on, come on, come on
March step, let's fire


Knuckle up boi

[Verse 1:]

You gotta gun man, it ain't right man
I ain't got no guns man, but we can fight man
Better knuckle up boy, what's up boy
Put 'em up boy, let's rumble wit' dem knuck's boy
You supposed to be a gangsta, troublemaker, crank it up
You supposed to have bank fire, drink, drink it up
tho' a boe to 'em let 'em know you close to 'em
Show three soldier, that's how my folks do 'em
We don't like to fight doe, we a ryde or die though
Came tonite do', Hit 'em wit a bottle [breakin' glass]


Knuckle up boy

[Verse 2:]

You can't fight man
You gotta knife man
You the type to take another brothers life man
It ain't right man, put down the knife man
Gone and lose the fight and you can fight another nite man
You can take a left blow all by ya self bro
What's worse homie that or either death row
So who dat?, say they don't shoot back
And I'ma show you rock stars dat don't crack
[arguing] STOP!, STOP!, STOP!, STOP!
They don't wanna do nothin'


Knuckle up boy

[Verse 3:]

Knuckle up nigga, you wanna fight nigga
Get 'cha boys we can brawl all nite nigga
In da club nigga heads get busted niga
oomp camp soldier, I, I told ya
We ain't playing soft, this shit fo real
My nigga be real, we slicin' grills
Intoxicated what it is, is
Man we ain't gone do nothing, look we ain't gone do nothin' man
We finna let that shit go and knuckle up

[Verse 4:]

Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up
Stop this shit rite mutha fuckin now [gun click]
52 niche and vogue
Bill, bill for them hoes
Dolla bill hit em in they grill and they hit the flo'
nigga you betta back up
Fo' you make me act up
Put the pistol down in you hand got scratched up
dese niggaz ain't ready
dese niggas don't want fuck wit' us
We got them thangs, but we makin' haters knuckle up
So put em up bustas
Let me see where yo fuckin' heart at
(Boom) Boy u shouldn't of start that

"Knuckle up" [repeat till end]

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