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Hodgy Beats - Bad Candy

Uh, I got a cavity, I ate some bad candy
I need to go to the dentist, as sooon as possible
Syd the Kid, Hodgy Beats

[Verse 1: Hodgy Beats]
If love is so sure, why am I unsure?
And If love is so pure, why are we unpure?
You went and disappeared so what did you come for?
Sweepin' up my broken heart, love is some chore
I fight for my rights like a Michael Moore
Gleemin' watch on your wrist, I bought from Michael Kor
We in the ring, 1 on 1, I can't fight no more
A disguise is on a oust until it hits your core
My house ain't a home, so we split the door
With my feet to the ceiling, hands on the floor
Upside down, downside up harassin' me
Close the vessels door cause it reach full capacity
Love cavity, is what it seems to be, actually
She passin' me up, while I'm in a stand still
I was full of myself until the cans spill
I was full of myself until the cans spill

Fuck you bitch, you stupid ass slut
You skill slik little... ha ha
Yousa bitch
I fucking hate you, I hope you die
And after I kill you, I hope you die
And after I fucking kill you, I hope you die
BITCH, I hope you fucking die, ah!

[Verse 2: Hodgy Beats]
Fuck you and what you're goin through
I don't care about who you call, and what he goin' do
You can't fuck me up more, I've been in this shit hole
My pride never gets low, like aimin' a pistol
Fuck you bitch, in every single kind of way
The next we fuckin' ho, I'm goin out the condom way
Anaconda, I forgot bout what I was tryna to say
You sexy but you turn me off, like I'm kinda gay!
Fuck a female, a bitch is a relationship
Years is a waste of my time, cause I hate this bitch
You always wanna push me to my limits
I see you on that outs bitch, cause I don't wanna be in it
I'm finish, and I swear I would never come back
I don't chase love, bitch I run laps!
This isn't a race to see who marries you
Cause what we had is gonna be fuckin' gone in burials

Bad candy!
Bad Candy

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