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Hodgy Beats - Bullshittin'

[Verse 1:]
Today is another toilet, I'm sorry to spoil it
My heart lays behind a fortress
Going to walk or you gon' forfeit?
My horses would top a Porche
My source's are anti-dormant
Never snoring
What's the morning to a 24 fitness?
What's the difference when money pulls women, honey ho bitches?
Wanna be your misses
Look at her cleaning up your kitchen and shit
Find out about your other bitch she gonna be bitching in fits
Out she would be going with her 'til she's so in the quick
Life is sweet, but it could turn on you, honey and milk
Read apologies and weap
I'll just run with the guilt
See, I'm a fiend for a guilty pleasure
In a day who could draw you to a filthy measure
Go up in a dresser
Pull that costume out and dress-up
Vivid pictures you will remember forever
She too clever
Scars you'll leave for this sever
Several emeralds placed within the gold
I'll break your heart, you been the gold
I'll play the heart beside your soul

[Verse 2:]
Ashes to ashes
Backflashes, me and you playing with matches
Girl, ashes to ashes
We were asses to asset, no half-step
You always beat me to the punch, jab left
I get mad skeptical about shit, but I ain't no ho
Looking through your clothes trying to get the password to your phone
See, I got my own, king of my own throne
I be in my chair, half the time you think I'm blown
Like, what the fuck you be on, my nigga?
On another day long, singing songs, my nigga
Predators get on their knees and prey on it, getcha
It's better to read it and weep than read a holy scripture
Moments are components of a frozen picture
And if it isn't captivated, it's evaporated
A mean nigga spitting nice words
To a bright bird with slight curves

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