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Hodgy Beats - Lately

Lately I've been hearin' other people talkin' 'bout me
Hatin' on my name like I'm some joke
When I catch the nigga, slap the nigga with my pimphand
Shut the fuck up like he never spoke
Don't let these suckers mistake you, they only entertainment
They're arms are tied connected to a rop

[Verse 1:]
You said, you heard of my name, and you know where I'm from
So I shouldn't play that hoegame, call you honeybun
I wasn't hollarin'at you girl, you are the ugliest one
I like to clown and see what's down with your friend tryin' to get drunk
2 of my homies, some of your girls, but I want 1-on-1
We can play hide it and get it, she gon' run for the fun
I'm a get it, cause I'm young and dumb, sack full of cum
She let me hump, but I didn't cum, cause she said my name or some stuff


[Verse 2:]
Smoke my weed like everyday
Niggas still got shit to say
I don; t even look they way
As long as I am getting cake
Say what you wanna they ain't gon' change
The fact that I rap for a livin'in the bank

Smoke dank on a regular basis
Countin' big on faces
Different places, and races
Some accept and some racist
Whatever the fuck your page is
I turn this shit just like stations

(Fuck the radio nigga
Get that money
Wolf Gang!)

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