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Hodgy Beats - Rolex

[Verse 1: Hodgy]
Murder murder someone you never heard of
But you need to be scured of, pulling your bitches skirt up
Swimmin' with womens surfs up, new Jordan L is smurfed up
My Breath stinks like I burped up, I'm dirty like a dirt truck
Freeway music sorry but I must emerge ya
I always come first never place with the third cup
Don't act like you deaf nigga, I know you heard us
That's why you shaking in your pants bitch, you nervous
I rhymes 'til I can't get no higher
Multi the flame and I am the fire
Nick Cannon on my hip, right next to Mariah
Messiah, desire before I expire
We tie you in your home with the phone lines wired
Worked to tight, midnight rider
3 a.m. pull up right beside ya
(3 a.m. pull up right beside ya)
I live with bats like I'm a fucking Dodger
Neighborhood life right by Mr. Rodger
You niggas get more even and I get more odder
(You niggas get more even and I get more odder)

I run off winter time like a platinum Rolex

[Verse 2:]
Eat my dust taste my auto fumes
Original swagger no autotune
Niggas hit the radio and they gettin' respect
I'm still dialing Power 106 calling collect
Express through music I explode myself
Self made money I employ myself
Contemplating suicide should I destroy myself?
Or restore my health cause I support like belts
Pull up your trousers this world is Mario find a realm
And you up against bowser, I'm sorry to the girls
Fantasizing about me and your browser
My girls 'bout it, 'bout it, don't let her get roweled up
I count up every dollar that I get from the ground up
Cowboy with the rope and I got her when I round up
Eight to ten I chase to win
Finish where I left off where do I begin?


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