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Hodgy Beats - Speed Racer

Don't sniff cocaine, it's bad for you
Don't smoke weed, it's bad for you
Don't drink liquor, it's bad for you
Don't eat food, it's bad for you
Don't like money, it's bad for you
Yeah, HB comin' from Odd Future

[Verse 1:]
I swallow my pride, blueberry flavor
The kid spits next door sort off like a neighbor
Spaceship crash on America like a creator
Died and came back like I'm a holy savior
Holy molly racer, Daytons on a scrapper
I clog mothafuckas, nigga who scrapped her
Raped her (I don't know) R. Kelly taped her
Niggas want fades, I'm a give your ass a taper
I put that on Rodney and my bubba shawty
Carrying a shotty, cutting up Bobby
I'm cutting up probably, cutting up bodies
Chopped and screwed everybody
Bitch I'm Hitler with every Nazi
Aiming at your face like we're paparazzi
Down comes confetti, intestines, spaghetti
On your mark set, but you niggas ain't ready

Ready, set, go, race car

[Verse 2:]
Speeding, I'm a heathen in the hour of the evening
Odd Future tight nigga can't be even
What's cracking, what's creasing, Crisco greasing
Chuck E Cheesing, why your girl got a frown on
Paint her face clown on
Pump up the volume, make sure the sound's on
To investigate I'm like a hound dog
Dog hound, there's a dog found, put 'em in the dog pound
Throw 'em in a cage watch the nigga bark now
Chomping on an over sized bone
Meet my impostor, over sized clone
Thoughts race in my mind, over sized dome
But I'm focused driving a Ford Focus
Hustling harder 'til I'm racing in a Lotus
Know this, but one time he blew a nigga head off
Jumped in this race car (What happened?) he sped off


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