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Hodgy Beats - Who Dat

feat. Domo Genesis

I'm a beast, I'm a monster

Sir Smoke-A-Lot is here, yes indeed
I'm with a bitch that don't smoke; digesting weed
Fuck it, getting high, my supply, fuck the middleman
That dummy girl shit blow my mind like a ceiling fan
I wreak havoc, I spazz, I'm a killing man
My mind is on some "get as much cash as a nigga can"
Before I go, tell her that we'll never chill again
She hurt, but at the end of the day, that bitch is still a fan
OF in this bitch, I know you feel it fam
We making hits and y'all niggas missy like Timbaland
I kick it heavy like I'm sitting in some Timberlands
Wolfgang team, wolf lay up with a different hand
Buzzer-beater, I don't love her, I don't need her
I leave that to the fake niggas out, cousin Skeeters
When I'm done, I'm a kick her out and you can keep her
My flow was crash test, I'm just a dummy on a speaker

I'm a beast, I'm a monster. Really I'm a monster
If I ain't, then why these bitches screaming at the concert?
(Bitches screaming!)
Why these bitches screaming at the concert?
Because I'm a monster, they're screaming at the concert

I'm officially physically killing things, It's a mystery
You fuck with me, you're history, misery 'bout my
Frost bite blizzard, three wish wizard
Slurping that slithers, intuitions of a nigga
I go to school, and when I go I go to cool
In class that is, give me A+ head in the back of the
Motherfucking class that is, animal style, In 'N Out
Food fast that is, I'm a rap that ish, I'm a bastard kid
Can't nobody tell me shit, that's why I'm laughing bitch!
I'm shitty when it comes to the nitty nitty gritty
Can't fix me, I'm broken like loose brakes on a fifty
I'm your Virgin Mary, cherry like a hickey, hymen
The reason I would never let a bitch kiss me
I'm growing ham swine, they ask me how I'm doing, damn fine
Get the fuck out my damn mind, bitch!

Look out for Rolling Papers, that's Domo Genesis, coming late August
Odd Future Wolf Gang, Odd Future Wolf Gang

... etc

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