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Hole - Awful

Swing low, sweet cherry
make it awful
it's your life, it's your party, it's so awful
let's start a fire
let's have a riot! yeah it's awful
it was punk
yeah it was perfect now it's awful

They know how to break all the girls like you
and they rob the souls of the girls like you
and they break the hearts of the girls

Swing low, cherry cherry
yeah it's awful
he's drunk, he tastes
like candy, he's so beautiful
he's so deep like dirty water
god he's awful
you're lost, oh, where's your daddy- its so

And they royalty rate all the girls like you
and they sell it out to the girls like you
to incorporate little girls

Hey run away with the light
run away it's divine
let's run away, yeah , tonight, and
steal the light of the world

Swing low, sweet cherry yeah it's awful
you're ripe for the picking it's so awful
you've got your youth
don't waste your money
yeah it's awful
I was punk!
Now I'm just stupid
I'm so awful

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