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Hole - Mrs. Jones

Sorry man sorry sorry I've got a bad I should've looked at it
I should've looked at it go go away go away
The sugar star the sugar star and hey your pushing it still hey
You want her on the bed with her legs wide open and here eyes are spread
Listen with punch her balls off
Mrs. jones aww mrs. jones aww
Cry me a river but just take me home
Mrs. jones aww mrs. jones

Sorry man I gotta a gut slit me fucking ran away with my abortionist
My little eyes blacked you know gizzed with
The knife they used to gut my face in
It's been out stabbing baby baby angels in
Smile smile
The skies a narcotic with us black jack bones
Ohh mrs. jones please mrs. jones my virus is raging
It's breaking my balls off mrs. jones please mrs. jones

Die so I I will i will follow you down the sick drain
When I lean on huh the sink don't worry don't worry don't worry baby
You will you will never stink so bad whoa

Sorry man I'm sorry I shouldn't have looked at it I'm sorry man
You know I night blooming sickle cell your a night blooming sickle cell
Anyway anyway look into the bloodroot you suicide bitch
It takes an hour like you to make me wanna live
Sorry me I'm sorry man I'm sorry man wow
The skies a narcotic black jack balls off
Mrs. jones aww mrs.jones
Your little doggy won't leave me alone
Mrs. Jones please Mrs. Jones
My virus is raging it's breaking my balls off
Mrs. jones pleae mrs. jones
Ohh cry me a river baby just take me home

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