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Hollow Point - It's the little and the owl

[Phone ringing]

[Mr. Lil One]
Let me get at this fool

[Knightowl picks up]


[Mr. Lil One]
Hey what's up dawg

Hey what's up homie

[Mr. Lil One]
Hey it's about that time to go in the fuckin studio
And lay this shit down man

Then let's do this shit fool

[Mr. Lil One]

Alright lok

[Mr. Lil One]
Bring out the mummies
Awake em from the dead
Let me clearify all these fears in your head
The sickest me the wicked him
The Little and The Owl, are back once again
Keep it all real, true like the south
Crusify and burn ever word out your mouth
Known be a trouble maker not a faker
Throw you head first from the biggest sky scrapper
Take a plunge straight to your death
I'll burn you with the right
And I chop you with the left
Your breath history and you a mystery
And never in my life will I ever let it get to me
Said to be a physco like Jason and Micheal
Try to fuck around I'll introduce to the riffle
Your life'll be all about to me
The baddest of the them all mothafucka me

[Chorus: Mr. Lil One]
Put away your mask
Halloweens' past
Or you end up under water
In a bloody red bath
It's The Little and The Owl
Better be knowin it now
It's The Little and The Owl
Showin mothafuckas how

Nobody thought that'll be back
But I wasn't able to stay away
We got the dopest mothafuckas
He be The Lil One I'm The Knightowl
Together we be some of the sickest
We droppin tracks just like ememies
We be tight as fuck and now stick like saimes
What ever made you think that a fool like me
Wouldn't be back on the mic when I got to drop
The gangsta riddles with The Little
Mothafuckas that try to bring the drama
Fuck you and your momma
Don't try to bring that bullshit
Once again I recommend
If you wanna breathin and keep on livin
Then I suggest keep your mouth closed
You'll get a closed casket
Life is prescious and so is killin those
That you don't like
Mothafuckas turn like if they was a dyke
I be the one you love to hate
So why you tryin to deplucate
A fool like me
When all you do's talk shit about
There's alot of two face bitches
That'll turn the other cheek
When I speak and never to a thing
Because they weak


[Mr. Lil One]
Now put away the mask
Holloweens' past
Or you'll end up under water
In a bloody red bath
The path that I walk
Is the path that I love
Word that I talk
Are the words of a thug
Born to be wise
Gotta be sick
Showin you how
Don't even trip
Sick minded
Go and rewinded
Lookin for the static
Come you'll find it
Blinded by the hate
That lurks within my soul
Blinded by the evil
That follows where I go
No I'm not satanic
Yes I bring the panic
As me for some proof
I'll leave your ghost stranded
Demanded by the state
I watch you as you brake
And 50 years from now
When you listen to my tape
Motivate your kids
To wanna do some bids
Turn em into whinos
And blow some fuckin heads


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