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Hollow Point - You better know

You better know
Where you wanna go

[Mr. Lil One]
It's started the day I came
Rain fell like it never had
It was pourin on my man hood
Sayin fuck her bad
I remember I was stressin
I was guessin about my days
In the wrong direction
I was livin in a maze
Trials and tribulations
I was facin had me wastin
Many days and many nights
Until the days they read my rights
I was all up in the county
Conversatin with these fools
I was all up in the county
Mobbin in my blues
Fools talkin about their lifes
And how they miss their wives and kids
Others talkin about how they love to do them bids
And since I was a kid
I knew about these mothafuckas
Then I grew to be one of these mothafuckas
A fan don't give a god damn
If you shit turns to dust
A fan don't give a god damn
If he betrays in your trust
And trouble all ways follows
Bottles sippin in my liver
Figure I'd just get away from all this bull shit


Keep tabs on the shit you say
Or I'ma blast you with an AK
I'll send you mothafuckas to Judgment Day
You best take notes
The last one caught a bad one
He never had a chance
Cause I premidetate my plans
Look at all those fools that spoke
They don't exsists
They got dismissed
And I got all their homies pissed
BUt ya'll think I give a fuck
You must be crazy
I be the type of fool that kills
And it won't phaze me
Long live the real
Forever curse the ones that squeel
That don't desereve to be around
So I'ma buck em down
The ones that talk
Be the ones that never walked the walk
They be the fools that lay in the concrete
Bloody, gone like Biggie
Now what the fucks all the comotion
Drop a body in the ocean
But not before I beat em
I must delete em
Then let the fishes have some human dishes
I'll battle any one who wishes
Fuck all you bicthes


[Mr. Lil One]
Now it's best for you to stay away
When I speak about my troubles
Double barrel got my back
I get phsycopathic when I rap
Stack the truth I got the proof
Enemies know the situation
Elevation getting higher
Wish the fire burn my sins
All my friends and all my foes
Even you know where I'ma go
And no it ain't by choice
But the choice is some times ain't given
So I do what I gotta do
If I wanna remain on liven
I'm given a fuck
But I'm runnin with luck
So what do I do not to get stuck
Seems I'm runnin out of choice
Still I'm hearin voices
Runnin all up in my dome
And my brain ain't taken pain
But I'm runnin with this lesson
Smith and Wesson in my possesion
And depression always follows
That's why I'm sippin bottles
I'm fightin with this force
Some times I feel that I'ma never win
Still I gotta remain strong
And hear this song again
And put it through my head
Whether I'm alive
Or whether I'm dead
That every single man in this world
Once shed
A tear


[Mr. Lil One: Talkin]
And that some real shit...
And that some real shit....

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