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Hollow Tip - Flawless

feat. The Playah Click

As we wanna be
High side, stay flawless
As we wanna be
Playa click, stay flawless
As we wanna be
Hollow, stay flawless
But now, what yall playas on highside like to
do man on the real...
I like to
Floss a lot hit the cock a lot and play with triggers
Parlay with my playa click thug niggaz
Sip the liquor and roll the hip up in a vega leaf
And smile at bitches with daimonds in my gold teeth
Crease the Guess I put the dank smoke in my chest
Polo shirt and a Eddie Bauer fishing vest
Never stress it's all nilly
If funds is running low I send some pounds out to Philly
To get my scrilly
Ya'll know the really
It truly cost to floss
So I'm wanted by the haters so I pack a nina ross
And ball and chose to roll
I rise on them hundreds
Supposed to keep a 45 in my Abercrombie french coat
Spit the flows to the peeps and make my pockets swell
My records sell and my '69 fishtails
Through the streets of killa cali sac valley
Where we ballin
Make a million
Cause we flawless

We just as flawless as we wanna be
Beside the flamy drops
Floss the flashy rocks on candy with the knocks
So badly you wanna stop
Were fastly way to the top
Mad at us when we squab
Brand new through the blocks

It's playa Dame and Hollow
Sidin with that nigga Mic
Parlays and stripes
got me racing through the lights
High side for life
With hundred spokes under the bomb leaf
Hoes on me cause I reside under the palm trees
What I mean is doggy style on the carpet
With a star bitch
Freak me from morning till the dark shit
Get rich is probly always been a nigga dream
Find a team bout their green and now I'm on the scene
Staying clean like gold and diamonds on my left wrist
Lexus 400 running through they sections
Stressin cause highland niggas making true scratch
Whos that Mic in the maxima with j-mac
Fagbag because he'll never like to do much
Hatin studs and actin tough'll make you get touched
Cause niggas can't see me with bifocals
Cause my vocals
Be hittin from nationwide to locals


Light skin super baz climbin the knife ends
Slidin on them sexy finnesse and diamonds
Get our grants fool when niggas can't stand to
See us in brand new maximas and land cru's
Up the block high side local with the icy rocks
Why we hot we slide the drops cold body tops
Flamy knocks bitches wavin till the candy stop
Pop the Remy top and cruise with my danny cocked
Got it locked me and Dame and niggas we call the shots
Hoes'll stop when ballas floss through the spots
We keep it hot playa
From coolin down the himalayas
Mic-C pack the sprayas
Can you niggas count the paper
I split the vega
Be on a mission for a million
Without dealin or killin innocent civilians
In the game chillin
With the title Mr. Flawless
No errors at all bitch
Keep high sidin ballas

As we wanna be
High side
Remain flawless
You know
Through all the hatin
Still flawless

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