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Hollywood Undead - Pimpin'

Come on, everybody throw your hands up in the air
Come on let's...
And you know, we keep the party jumpin'
So let's keep those 40s comin'

Come on down to the city of L.A.
Where we ride with gangster's and the pimping's easy
You know how we keep it bumpin' everyday, baby
We ride with gangster's and the pimping's easy

Where I ride with jdog
And it's like, okay, basically
We get shitfaced and crazy
We're screaming "FUCK THE POLICE! "
Just like easy let's smoke these with Old E and Charlie
We mix it over a heartbeat, and run with the Undead Army!
And you don't need to see the best of me
The best MC, it's just a beat, produce the feeds that makes me mean
That seems to be what makes me scream
So what's up?!
Let's roll the town fucked up!
Yo south L.A. show love (?)!
Yo JDOG, wait, just hold up
Take my mic, my PO showed up!


We're six Caucasians, hell raisin'
Blazin', making zero pay
Can't wait to drink to stop the pain
To call Funny
To ride with me
My pants are so low, I'm sippin' on this 4-0
Rollin' in the four do'
Producer, me, and four ho's
The 5-0's rollin' cold, I didn't stop, but tried to smoke
Container's open, Funny's smokin'
I think I'm chokin'
It's time to go (OH)
This midnight tale let's keep it rollin'
Keep the fucking and Mad Dog flowin'
Los Angeles we keep it goin'
Undead is what we're throwin'


I keep 'em blowin' on my
Head keeps gettin' fatter everyday, baby
On TV you better listen 'cause you know they'll play me
In the club, you in the corner while my shit go crazy
And I got my soldiers in the back so you don't wanna face me
And when your girl look up at me, I'm lookin' right down
And all that yappin', you know you gon' get a smack down
I stick around to keep it mad while the crowd's loud
In the city of L.A.; that's my hometown


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