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Hollywood Undead - Scene For Dummies

[Intro: Da Kurlzz]
What! Yo, this is Da Kurlzz, bitch!
We ain't just a gang, motherfucker, but a way of life!
Yo check it! This is my boy, Tha Producer!

[Chorus: Tha Producer]
All you fags on Sunset, show me where the fuck you at.
Scene kids, ghetto stars come on grab your gats!
All the world and Hollywood, drinkin' 40's in the hood.
Tila Tila shake that ass like you know you should!

All you fags on sunset, show me where the fuck you at.
Chad Crews gettin' bruised now it's time to move!
All the world and Hollywood, drinkin' 40's in the hood.
Tila Tila shake that ass like you know you should

[Verse: Funny Man]
Hollywood Undead, get it through your head. Download this song, put in your iPod!
Fuck that! Put it on your homepage, you'll be the coolest kid on fuckin' myspace!

I'm at the scene club, told Jeffree Star to beat it,
'Cause I left her a comment and saw that bitch delete it!
And that's fucked up because I sent it from my sidekick!
You got beef? Meet me on Franklin and Highland!


[Verse: Charlie Scene]
It's Charlie Scene! He ain't ever lookin' cheesy.
It's Charlie Scene! It ain't easy being sceney.
If I was you, I'd hate me too.
We can take it to the parking like 82, and bring your crew!
And I'd hate to be the one to break the news,
Whoever chipped Mattie's tooth
I'll shank you too! BITCH!
That night at 82 the parking lot was stacked,
I grabbed my Gat and got my hand stamped by Matt.
I could barely walk around cause the dance floor was so packed.
I walked to the back and lit off some black cats - BAP! BAP! BAP! Hahaha!
Scene kids, tired of gettin' picked on by mean kids.
And I'd hate to be obscene kid, but have you seen my penis?
I know you have, 'cause that shit is bomb!
My dick's got more friends then Tom!
These scene clubs, I run these.
I should write the book "How To Be Scene For Dummies! "

[Shady Jeff:]
Shit, fuckin' shit was brutal, I broke that fuckin' bitch off.
Yo! Shady Jeff with the mic!
Wanna shout out to my boys in FFTL on tour, roommate, Chad Crews, no more pills, fool!
Dave and Bridge, Pirate dawg (arr!), ev-sesh your mom misses you!,
Wrecking Crew Girls (I love you!),
The Frauds, Rosie: where the fuck the treats at!?,
Apartment 20, Franklin and Highland, Avenue 43, Nela fool, South Pass, Eagle Rock,
North Hollywood Compton, fool! Inglewood!

[Da Kurlzz:]
818! 213! 310! 323! LA BIATCH!

[Shady Jeff:]
I cummed in her mouth!

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