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Holocaust - Sinister

This is www Gun In Your face dot com
The World Series of Poker, gone in 60 seconds, I drop bomb
I'm from L.A., and the projects I'm from, is torn down
They blast from a shotgun, black roses and thorns found
Lords in England, produce the first police force, so niggas lost
I'm the phantom of the megaplex, bitch, The Holocaust
Mega-science superhuman power, battle plan, thrill you
My rhymes take you to outskirts of town, and fucking kill you
The secret super power aircraft, cold like Alaska
To kill me is like trying to find which snake, killed Cleopatra
I'm slippery like the catfish, hassle mechanich Johnny Appleseed
You forty-five will fall to your sixteen
Slump eater, Peter Pan at the window, knock severe feathers
Smuggle the winter fall, Alcatraz, man listen
I swallow a gun and go to San Quintin
Jail house night, despite, lose your sight fight
Steal out the lies, sinister

[Chorus x2: Holocaust]
Now I should laugh, if I were not dead
Glorious, indestrucable sinister monster under your bed
A thought held captive by armed men, ghost of tyrants strikes
And no one is sure why scorpions glow under ultraviolet light

M.C. so bad, because he was losing a cup of blood
With every heart beat, I gaze at the stars like the Greeks
The black heart chief, you don't wanna start beef
That's the same beef I eat, I'll become a shark reef
And attack, a misleading feeding frenzy with sharp teeth
I balled as a smart geek, and cold, as a dart's creek
The American Heritage dictionary, you arrogant inherent disposition tearing
Weak and obsolete, I'm very non-fiction, scary
In the desert there is a fabulous creature, the Gila Monster
It's only one of two venomous lizards in the world
And it's another mystery unsolved, how it's venom has evolved
You false rhymers old as him, has helped memory loss and Alzhimer's
We've seen misunderstood monsters but the tale of terror continues
You'll only have time to smoke a cigarette before you drop dead

[Chorus x2]

No human mind can imagine the enormous destructive power
Of this mad and killing thing, my rhyme orbits and abducts you cowards
Star Trek, I strike a pose of the fencing sword like Mr. Sulu
If one soldier is afraid, I kill his family like Shaka Zulu
We may be witnessing the beginning of an annihilation, that could mean
More than a frenzy of riots of nations
It is one thing to flag down a truck off the coast of Mexico
But it is another when you found out that out here
We're all vampires, and we'll never let you go
And slang hands are grabbers, a man died in a slammer
Rough lyrics I kick, come back to me, like Thor's hammer
I was an ingenius scientist, by the birth name of Robert Bruce Banner
In light, I saved a man's life in a gamma bomb explosion
From the desert stagger, I've got an Incredible alter ego
Standing in New York in front of people
Told them my name David, when they didn't know
But I am not evil... tell Betty or Erica
Next issue I fight misunderstood against Captain America...

[Chorus x2]

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