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Holocaust - The Ocean

[Intro: movie sample (Holocaust)]
The pleasure of killing.. is exhilarating
Layered in high fame... couldn't find a place
To fill that void... still get that same
Rash of energy... (The Holocaust, check out my rhymes
I recorded half of the album, in the same studio
Where 2Pac got shot the first time)

Park that range today, construction vehicles in your parade
I cut like a propeller blade, die electric computer ramma
Cause the death of Superman, city wide pride
I paint my gray piece, on the outside, of my tepee
Walking when I'm sleepy, you bitter for fucking weakling
The bleeding charmer this evening, passage way revealed preceeding
Lost a zombie called Marmin, a nickle-plated gat'll spray
By all time calculations, in fact; today
Intriguing, believing a soldier was an incantation of foul magic
See I am a large denial giant hawk, salt water crocodile
Back snap, who captures, a banning tragic
Before a rap bastard, I'm hazardous
And gruesome and vision in back of it
A vast ship, I'm outslandish faggot
But perhaps, in fact, my ax melt through your skull
Is made of bats, I drink Seagram's of indicators kingdom
Nah, that's a nasty gun, grandpa Sacrilite
Concrete island, Nassau diagnostic
If barcode was made from, and sold to a man who breaks in a disaster
A rap Quasimoto indeed, who they feed, bony fish
He's a fight loud, and when Sacrilite, attacks a lighthouse master
Ghost like Casper, my machete turn you white as alabaster
A river church, just a far from Highlander
The Holocaust, check out my rhymes

[Chorus x2: Holocaust]
Mentally I injure thee, I crash past and simply
Sink you half way into the ocean like Italy

Tonight's gunfight, is a price fighter who wrapped himself up in bandages
Because he was invisible, six feet in a box wit a criminal
A gun march and a shit-it'll, all your feathers have notches in 'em
The future emblem and general, the modern solver
Look at the problem, dangerous using oxygen
I take shots of gin, how we get down with a few men
Before we leave here like Batman and Robin
Beneath today, the street weigh lucrative
The dark Superman of rap, kangol hats
Spin hazzard would, the Green Lantern
I get a lapdance from Wonder Woman, from the Sarcophagus nights
And holes in the wall, something that couldn't be captured, you want it
The dim saint runs deep, from the indian paint brush and trees
I'm as big as Great Britain, hold my rib up to the son
Like a girl I bought, candy and a kitten
Ocean and a barrier, I hit like an explosion in the area
The bed wridden, unforgiven, beneath the Earth, there is a land that is black
Fact, I exact, come to my dark king of chainsaws habitat

[Chorus x4]

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