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Holocaust - Wing To Wingfeather

[Intro: movie sample (Holocaust)]
What horrible fate befall those
Who tred this path before us (wing to wingfeather)

[Chorus x2: Holocaust]
Never say you in, clever play music
A severed grenade blew in, forever made wounded (wing to wingfeather)

Tropical islands is some of the least crowded places on the planet
Unless you're on Christmas Island, in the Indian Ocean
Home of one hundred and twenty million red crabs
And the bed slapped, most of them fear, who for most of the year
Live inside the forest, but once a year
At the first sign of wet season, sharp apart from doing
Me, march to the sea, out of the rain forest to the village
Across speedy roads, down cliffs, to the beach
I am Holocaust, a monsoon to teach, and where's the gun I preach?
In the dark, you're deceased
A patriarch at the least, jellyfish don't have a brain
And they are drifters, I drink vodka mixed with elixirs
I murder MC's like Buono and Bianchi, the Hillside Strangler
Here's their pictures, demophobia is the fear of crowds
The Argentine hat made it's way to Europe now
And low species dominant, because they work together
It is conquer the world, I throw a fire axe from the darkness twirl

[Chorus x3]

I have a crucified mind, you plunge in the ocean five miles alive
Know that after you drown, you will float in time
A collision explode, retrospect slow
I speak a bloody chainsaw, unkind, the cowboys from hell
Cursed by agony, you fell, thirteen evil bandits throwaway on a ship
Headed straight, for your Ghost in the Shell
Bow and arrows, and silent weapons, best to close to mid-range
Four sharp, daring, turned toward corruption, the shadows fall
You must forgive pain, you are dead
Or can't missiles hit, death coil, your borax apocalypse
The stone heart graveyard was taken by thee, Holocaustalic
A scorpion the size of a dog, as a pet
I begin to cast honorable kill, after one threat
It is out of range and should be cured, you'll vulnerability manifests
Pistols, rifles and shotguns, the ice blood graveyard
You are under clean, from my armed straps I build with a twice, brave seen
Chain lightly hits me, the clever warrior and a gypsy
Inadvert when it burst, gin and skirt, a Guin' of hearse
A bitch know you dance disco in San Francisco
Next play, we gonna blitz though, Dracula arising from the coffin
That's true of advising, one of Dultrin, the elephant graveyard
Forever bone, the weather blown, but instead of shown
From the murky gloomy depths, appears turk oceanas
Coming fierce is aquatic predators, the world has ever known

[Chorus x4]

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