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Homeboy Sandman - The Carpenter

Sand to the rescue, hipper than hapchu [?] then bless you,
I'll be in the lab dude, my respect due I should get a tattoo
With a test tube monkey that's a baboon
That's my nephew, funkier than a bathroom
That's the rest room labeled in the back room
With the guess who's... I'll be on the avenue
Making chess moves don't be gettin' fretful, times I get forgetful, reppin' for the fresh few, whippin' up the fresh food

Beard like Moses kicking with the odd position and the posers
Planes be going 'neeeeeer' passing over each and every foe, wake up and smell the Folgers
I don't wanna hear how it won't work, that just means the whole earth hasn't done their homework
Early on I veered, then I soul-searched, dug deep like a gopher, figured I should go first, reason why I don't curse,
Reason why I'm sober, reason I feel younger, even though I'm older

Open your eyes and keep them on me
Shot gunnin' for the leg room, got my fortune cookies in the bedroom, type of cat that's always reppin' in the rec room, paparazzi boys stayin' rampant in the red room

Boy say rapping

Ain't nobody next up
Ain't nobody next to

People see the home boy, and they be like oh snap
And they be like oh boy
Shout to Japanese cats, chillin watchin Old boy

Now's to be like I am I'm a be like yo soi
Now making big noise with big boys...

These summer rhymes open your eyes they keep up on me
There summer rhymes don't blame your eyes they keep up on me

I'm never gonna slow, I'm never gonna stop
I'm never gonna seize, I'm never gonna cheat
I'm never gonna achieve in, never gonna eat
I'm never gonna sleep, never gonna sell out
Never gonna lease more, never in the streets
I'm never gonna leave, that... they believe
They'll never take a leave, you'll never be relieved

Cast labor on the mic, cast gather on the right
I'd rather make a left, I fly into the light
... tryin to be polite, I'm fighting for my life
I'm fighting to the death, I'm down to pay the price
Ain't no... dice,..
... take it to the depths, no money, money sights
... I'm running out of town, I'm, running out of breath
Next thing you know...
... Hey carpenter.

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