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Honors English - Cymbals On The Sidewalk

What if the boulevard could speak, the alleyways could talk
If the blocks were horns and the sidewalks were harps
But before we start, let me give you a warning
The keys and violins are just part of the performance

[Verse 1: Honors English]
In this performance, they turn the sirens up every other morning
Caution, them yellow strings don't go across them
Make sure you a bro then he faded into a corner
Get his cross faded into his aura
I was brought up in this genre
Still can't equalize the highs and the horrors
I'll mix it down tomorrow
When they not getting smelled by the canines
And every week y'all police dogs leapfrog see
By the bassheads played by the bassline
To think we was engineered to lose
The criminal's violin's louder than his schools
The minister is shoutin' on mute
While the three-time felon's caught in the wrong loop, wrong loop, wrong
I'm just trying to remix it, to give you a score
They can help the babies grow like umbilical cords
It's just cymbals on the sidewalk

[Verse 2: Honors English]
Did you hear that? Damn, that's how them hammers go pop
So, when it's quiet it's like an amplified watch
And the minors absorb the distortion
It goes in they ears and it pours out they organs
Let me use an example
They chop and they screw that shit
To produce them a sample
Then they stretch it to see who got the best pictures
If they sopranos, as if it's a channel
Why is it hard to get a job but easy to get a hit
Contrary to popular belief not everybody flips
Coke, but everybody gets fly, just to get by
You gotta switch up the kicks
My grandma work day and night shifts
Hurt her back so I'm tryna pay her back
Dislocating these discs
And hurting these tracks is virtuoso English
Yeah, I propose, let me know if you want riffs
Yeah it's just cymbals on the sidewalk

[Verse 3: Honors English]
Sometimes, I talk to my homie Proof
And I'm always talking with Mike and he tell me get the loot
But, but we gotta double sharp
In order to change these cymbals on our sidewalks
They throwin' us in jail from guns and drug sales
I think it's time for us to play on another scale
Cause we like publishing the trap
I let the streets shit alone, no strings attached
Chrome, I'm buildin' up a staff and my business crumbles
I reverse the crash
But scratch that, I'm tryna see stacks
And backtrack so my pockets never be flat
Yeah, so fuck a crew
A one mind ensemble is upon you
Remember we were kings before emcees
So let's all get back to our royalties
This is cymbals on the sidewalk

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