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Honors English - Second Chances

feat. Karina Pasian

[Verse 1: Honors English]
She, she, she wanna be a DJ girl
CNN mind in a BET world
To the mirror she said, you can be a celeb
You can be the next Angie Martinez
A friend of a friend heard that she was fresh
Hired her on the set when she called in for request
But if she can't sneak in songs with meaning
Not even on the weekend she up in fumes
Can't play her own tunes darn it she's leavin'
It's FM from AM to PM
Turn the countdown louder
She played D.O.A right after she played Power
To get the talk of the town up
Cause 6 days a week they only allow her
Play the same 6 songs 6 times an hour
Oh God her mixing's replaced with playlist
From computers that's outdated
Dear Station
Thanks for tryin' to shackle her dreams
But she got the blood of a slave the heart of a queen
And even though she'll lose her job and even knowing the risk
She throw on a song she loved and it sounded like this...

[Hook: Karina Pasian]
If you believe in second chances
Life is not a promise
Dreams are a mountain
Think I'm going to struggle on 'til I'm on top now
If I fail the first time I'll do it again now
Second Chances, Second Chances

[Verse 2: Honors English]
He quit DJ'ing the top of his junior year
Tired of playing them songs that's popular on the air
You can do better he used to say to the mirror
You fresh, you can be next year's DJ Premier
But one day the doc saw a growth on his throat
Damn wish the cancer just stayed in horoscope
Tears falling, pulse skipping, heart broke
Music is the magician helped him fix them off notes
Plan A uh work out 24 shifts
Plan B uh see he ain't know how to quit
Plan C, cut out everything counterfeit
If that don't work there's 23 more alphabets, live
How would you feel, his Mamas preparing his every meal
See Love is the Achilles whenever we need to heal
And after 6 months it's only a scar left
He feeds his faith his fear starve to death
Yep yep yea, he's at the height of his career
Always 'member to leap and the net shall appear
He overcame chemo, hero
20 milli sold grammy and if you ain't know
That's how he got the name


[Verse 3: Honors English]
She, she, she gon' be a powerful girl
Edison mind in a shock value world
The powers in you she used to say to the mirror
In 3 years you gon' be an electrical engineer
While a freshman she'd homerun all the testing
Grand slam the classes as if they tossed all
Softball questions, it was perfection
'Til she passed the test that means that you pregnant
Sick everyday she drops out she can't tell
If she gon fail classes, she got to farewell
Working for the Bank see mentally the imagery she tried to forget
But the mirror has memories
Years past, her son goes from pre-k, high school
To gradual graduate from grad school
She was there twice when he tossed the tassel
Just the perfect lasso pulled her back to the classroom
She grabs her Bachelors, Masters
Learned life's a a never ending class 'til the last day you passes
She went from dropping out to getting her 2 degrees
She, she was my mother
See her son none other then Honors E


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