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Hoodie Allen - Dreams Up

It's been a minute now so tell me where to begin
I meet a lot of girls but they gon' treat me like a vegan
Another given Sunday it's a given I'll be dreamin'
They say the flow goes so out of this world will he beam him
Up, up to Scotty I can't keep me down, bulimic
I'm new to being hoodie but I'm over beingSteven
I'm sorry mom I really like my name I swear I'd leave it
But a wise man told me I'd be smarter not to keep it
So I keep it, keep it

We get down
The only road I know is like the steepest now
And I'm on the outside but they can't keep me out

'Cause that's not the way that my life should be
I'm overall nice and a tight MC
No overalls tights but I might envy
Them few who just do like exactly what they told to
You are all my boys blue I don't kick it old school
Told you that everyday thanks-giving that crazy flow
Living out my dreams there ain't a price that I'm a trade it fo

Put them dreams under my pillow, pillow
Put them dreams up, make it all cash (put it up)
If I build it up, I could dream a little, little
I can dream big, I can dream fast (put it up)

I can't decide uh, in this life if I'm so obsessed with every ten-I-see like a Titan
Vince Young and restless, homie I need to fight it
I'm never indecisive, I'm team Jacob, I'm never into biting
Your team, wake up so alone, they never been invited
To the places that I crash or the room I spend the night in
Fightin' the urge to not splurge and play it cool
Amateurs on stage look something like a play in school
Drama, led by a bunch of Mr. G's
Wonder why they haven't taken off what a mystery
Karma, everybody that hits repeat
Wonder why we haven't learned yet, well history
I'm honored, please get down and kiss the feet
If the shoe don't fit the beauty then it can fit the beast
Goner like with the wind it fits to peace
Tell them suckers I know that I ain't never missed a beat

[Chorus: x2]
Nowadays I got so much on my mind right?
Left side brain but I'll see you when the time's right
I'm feelin' shallow baby this gon' be a blond night
Left side brain but I see you when the time's right

Nowadays I got so much on my mind right
Left side brain but I'll see you when the time's right
I'm feelin shallow, yeah, I'm feelin shallow
I'm feelin shallow baby tell me when the time's right

[Chorus x2]

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