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Hoodie Allen - Joy & Misery

My family don't see n'more, that's growing up
And now they call me the c4, I'm blowing up
So if you sitting on seesaws you going up
Some people get going, but I love it when the goings tough
To young to know enough
To old to play the part
To cool for showing up
To dumb to say what's smart
So I'm a substitute waiting for the game to start
But I ain't trying to get played like gingerheart
Chuck fullery I hope to rip this stage apart and hopefully you are ready to admit that I have made my mark
And may I park and find me another ride
I'm letting Florence tell you how I feel inside.

Hello world, nice to meet you I am Cory Matthews,
People wanna say I've been blessed like atchew
So now I'm using my attitude just to act through
Not a bad do got me covered like a tat-too
So where I'm at
Moved away from home
Where these people that are known wanna comment how I grown
And they offer they opinion on my life and how it's gone
All the while I'm highin' in a robe, elsewhere
Hah, and I don't need no help there
Reaching in my pocket like I needed the welfare
Can't stand the heat get out of room melt there
They say you won't never get it like health care but I'm feeling great

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