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Hoodie Allen - Tighten Up

It's the same diff,
When I meet a girl that's so out of this world
I need a spaceship,
We can put it all together
That's make shift
I don't ever make moves, only make hits.
I'm on the fame clique,
Can't die: please save me.
Big money budget I love it like Sam Raimi
Never a contestant I'm bettin' you'll never claim me.
But I'd rather be the host,
Chelsea Lately.

So I'm feeling like Hercules
And if looks could steal,
This would be a burglary.
Took the wheel and looking like she's hurtin' me,
But I ain't trying to be burned to the third degree.
And it's hard when she say "what did you do to me"
Joel McHale, she up in my community,
Turn me on than turnin me like mutiny.
But I be livin in the land of opportunity.
Say word

Oh yeah, the drinks on me,
We can mess around if you stay low key.
All these other women say they know me
But shh, tighten up, just tighten up

If you stay down,
When I see kids I remember
When we lived on the playground.
Now we livin in the sky cause we plane bound,
But I don't ever break rules I only break sound.
I'm on my take out,
Can't choose just try me.
Big money budget: I love it like Pat Riley.
I ain't never bought but these labels don't wanna sign me,
I'd rather not talk; insert smiley.
You're too good for me, there's no question
So I came into your dorm like a freshman.
Tell em I ain't trying to leave though the exit,
Because I dream big, let me Inception.
So my head spin we don't even break dance.
And I don't care what your doin don't make plans.
Crowd flipping I'm thinking we got a keg stand,
And every time I'm making my music I know I make fans.


Everybody just stand back,
Trying to live a life that might never arrive with the am track.
And so many people want me that it's jam packed,
So I be given them some more like a grahamcracker.
Understand that.
Can't stop, just hold me.
Big money budget I love it like Bon Jovi.
Hittin up the track so we never be gettin cold feet.
Going for the gold, Shaq and kobe.
Stay good like a charity,
And I won't ever get drained like a battery.
But I do beat up the beat like a battery.
Oh you love the double meaning?
Don't flatter me.
And the girls that real messy, they Tara Reid.
I read their mind, Tarot read.
Cards get drawn, lives get on,
Telling I'm revin up their engine on the Camry.


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